Marc Jacobs' NYFW Pop-Up Shop Will Accept Tweets and Instagram Posts, aka "Social Currency"

Check this out, Insta-Addicts and Queens of Twitter: Marc Jacobs is opening a perfumed pop-up shop during New York Fashion Week, and if you hashtag your posts right, you could be given stuff. Actual, concrete stuff, in exchange for the ethereal fluff of your social media activity. Is this real life?

According to Fashionista, the shop will be called the Daisy Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop, and is opening Feb. 7-9, around the time when a new print campaign for Daisy launches. The details on just how this "social currency" will work are vague — does a tweet get you a sample-sized product, or can you tweet your way to a regular bottle of Daisy? Do retweets up the ante? Will a special social media guru be on hand to count her way, abacus-like, through the flood of social media? — but the premise is very modern, if clearly promotional.

How savvy is Marc Jacobs? He's got his finger on the pulse of youth culture, that's for sure. He tapped Miley Cyrus as his Spring 2014 face. He's not afraid of wearing bright colors and palling around on Instagram. And last year, in a move worthy of the moodiest of teenagers, he shucked off both his job at Louis Vuitton and his romantic relationship with Harry Louis. Next up: hashtag domination.

Though it's clearly just a promotional schtick, the pop-up shop idea is sending one message to consumers (that's you) loud and clear: your voice matters. Your hashtags matter. Your visible product support across social media channels has near-monetary value. Interesting stuff, Mr. Jacobs.