Keep An Eye Out For Jay Z At The 2016 Super Bowl

Super Bowl 50 is approaching, and it looks like they're planning a massive halftime show to celebrate one of the most popular traditions in sports and in music. Two of the biggest music acts on the planet are co-headlining the 2016 Super Bowl, Coldplay and Beyonce. However, while the show is already bound to be huge, the Super Bowl has a habit of bringing in surprise guests to do a quick performance. Last year, Katy Perry was joined by living legend Missy Elliot and the shark that stole America's hearts. What surprises will this year bring? In this case, I have one specific prediction: Could Jay Z perform at the Super Bowl 50 halftime show?

Although Jay Z hasn't confirmed an appearance and isn't even dropping any hints towards one, it is still a likely possibility. His Twitter and Facebook accounts are pretty empty, and he doesn't have an upcoming tour, so it wouldn't appear that he has any scheduling conflicts. Plus, if any musical artist in the world could possibly be making a surprise appearance at this year's Super Bowl, Jay Z would certainly be the most likely candidate — and here's why.

Jay Z & Coldplay Have Collaborated Before

While The Super Bowl is notable for its surprise collaborations, Jay Z and Coldplay working together isn't actually a surprise anymore. They collaborated previously on the song "Lost+", a remix of the song "Lost" from Coldplay's Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends album, and released as a promotional single for their Prospekt's March EP. The song was last performed live at the 2009 Grammy Awards. But it's not a likely inclusion for the Super Bowl Ceremony as both artists have far bigger hits, even if Jay Z does show up.

Jay Z Has Something To Promote

Jay Z's Tidal streaming service has had a big week after Rihanna's surprise release of ANTI brought in 1 million trial subscribers to the service. Tidal has long been seen as a step behind larger streaming services like Spotify, but a big album release combined with a Super Bowl show with two of Tidal's most notable collaborators (Beyoncé and Coldplay have both released exclusive content on Tidal) might be the public viewership that it needs to become a strong force in the streaming wars.

Beyoncé Is Performing

What kind of husband wouldn't support his wife when she's performing at the Super Bowl? Furthermore, what kind of husband wouldn't perform with his wife at the Super Bowl when they have some of the greatest collaborations of all time? "Drunk In Love", "Bonnie And Clyde '03", "Crazy In Love", or any of Jay Z and Beyoncé's other collaborations would be guaranteed to bring the house down at the Super Bowl, especially with Coldplay backing them.

Super Bowl 50 is going to be the biggest version of the biggest event in American sports. The halftime show is a time-honored tradition, and it's likely that there will be an immense number of surprises, shocking moments, and exciting occurrences. Everyone tuned into the Super Bowl should keep their eyes peeled for Jay Z stepping onto the stage with his wife, but even if that doesn't happen, people will be talking about the Super Bowl 50 halftime show for years to come.