Charlotte's Death May Be Sara's Fault On 'PLL'

Ever since the Liars first discovered her "trapped" inside the confines of A's dollhouse, viewers have struggled with what to make of Sara Harvey on Pretty Little Liars and her increasingly shady demeanor. Granted, no one in Rosewood can exactly be trusted these days, but our former Red Coat/Black Widow has been looking especially sinister since Pretty Little Liars Season 6B returned. And I think her past actions more than prove that she's capable of anything... perhaps even murder. That's right, my friends — I think there's a chance that Sara Harvey killed Charlotte on PLL in an act of anger or perhaps even betrayal.

Despite learning that Charlotte and Sara were in cahoots together at the end of Season 6A, we still know very little about their little friendship and how it came to be. Did Sara really suffer from some type of Stockholm Syndrome or did she just say that to save herself from doing serious jail time? All of that remains to be seen, but it does give her a motive either way. On the one hand, Sara may have been outraged over Charlotte's release and wanted to make sure she could never be controlled like that again. But at the same time, maybe she'd hoped their friendship could continue in this post-A world and was rejected right on the spot. That might've been enough to send her right over the edge of whatever amount of sanity she has left.

Now, I know some of you may be tempted to make a counter argument that Sara couldn't be the killer because of the injuries done to her hands after they were accidentally electrocuted. And while I'll admit that's a very good point, given that she doesn't seem able to write even her signature, let alone murder someone. However, that still leaves us with two possible options: a.) she had an accomplice assist her, or b.) she's totally faking the severity of her injuries, though I'm more inclined to go with the latter of these scenarios.

We have yet to see Sara's burned hands with our own eyes, which automatically makes me suspicious that they may not be as bad as she's making them seem. I mean, they could've been seriously burned at one point, but maybe she's recovered and is using the injury as an alibi, thinking the police wouldn't suspect someone in her condition. And let's not forget that Sara Harvey's incident has eerily mirrored "The Jenna Thing" in many ways. So, much like when the Liars suspected that Jenna was faking her blindness, I think we shouldn't ignore the possibility that Sara is pulling the same type of stunt.

Bottom line: Sara Harvey still cannot be trusted and may very well be the killer we've been looking for. And it's only a matter of time before we catch her red (coat) handed. For more PLL theories, check out Bustle's latest podcasts below:

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