Finn Is Returning To 'Gilmore Girls' For The Revival, So This Means Logan Is Coming Back Too, Right?

More original faces are returning to Stars Hollow. If you're a die-hard Gilmore Girls fan, then this news will definitely excite you. Finn is returning for the Gilmore Girls revival, actor Tanc Sade announced via Twitter Monday. He wrote, "So it looks like #Finn will be reappearing in #GilmoreGirls. Just trying to make dates work with #Roadies." (Roadies is a Showtime pilot starring Luke Wilson and Imogen Poots.)

For those who don't remember, Finn (above, middle) was a member of the Life and Death Brigade, in addition to being part of Logan's posse, which also included Colin. Finn was always pulling off crazy schemes and once had a hilarious encounter with Richard Gilmore inside his home, which you can watch below. Not to mention, Finn's Australian accent was also a scene stealer.

So, seeing as Finn is coming back for the Netflix revival series, this means Matt Czuchry will reprise his role as Logan Huntzberger too, right? I mean, if the reboot is ensuring even minor characters will reappear, like Finn, they can't exclude Logan. Of course, it all depends on Czuchry's schedule, if he wants to come back, etc. That said, I find it very hard to believe that Logan won't return, especially now that Finn is on board.

Whatever the case, at least fans will once again see Finn in action. Let's hope he hasn't changed too much since viewers last saw him. It just wouldn't be the same if he wasn't acting up in some manner and throwing his clever wit around.

Clearly, Sade is beyond excited for Gilmore Girls and his return. If you take a look at both his Twitter and Instagram, he's been posting up a storm about the beloved series and his character. I thank Sade for making me realize how much I loved and missed Finn.

Even though this might not be the casting news Gilmore Girls fans want to hear (since everyone is waiting on word from Czuchry, Milo Ventimiglia, and Jared Padalecki), this casting news is still thrilling, especially since it's a good sign that Logan and Rory will probably reunite in some capacity.

Image: The WB