What Has Lauren H. Been Doing Since 'The Bachelor'

This season of The Bachelor is so chock-full of amazing women that it's hard to pick a favorite contestant, but Bachelor contestant Lauren H. definitely seems to be a really sweet person. The kindergarten teacher, who originally hails from Michigan, isn't a very loud presence on the show, but her scenes with Ben Higgins show her to be a pretty cool lady. So, I wonder what Lauren H. has been doing since The Bachelor ended.

Though Lauren H. may not have started off on the right foot with the other Bachelor contestants (re: her comments about Jubilee's "attitude"), her recent behavior has cast her in a much better light. During last week's episode, which featured the women competing against each other in a talent show orchestrated by a man who spoke to his puppet, Lauren's true colors showed. The teacher admitted to not having any specific talent, so instead she donned a chicken hat and recited a poem. That shows that her talent is poking fun at herself, and, in my honest opinion, that speaks volumes about a person and their total self-security. I wonder if Ben felt the same way, and judging by their slightly sexually charged conversation afterward, he really might have.

So, what has the chicken-hatted teacher been up to since her days in The Bachelor mansion? Her social media posts may give us some clues.

She Has Been Designing Jewelry

In addition to being a kindergarten teacher, Lauren H. seems to have a little side hustle. Her most recent Instagram post promotes a giveaway from her jewelry line, KEEP by Lauren Himle. The proceeds seem to benefit the KIND campaign, which shows that Lauren is keeping her compassionate spirit alive.

She's Been Marathoning TV.

Lauren's Making a Murderer viewing proves that reality TV stars are just like us.

She's Been Hanging With Her Dog

Lauren seems to be the owner of a truly adorable black labrador. Those eyes are killing me, so I can't even imagine what that face does to Lauren, who describes the dog as her "BFF" in the caption.

She's Been Partying With Her Friends

Lauren's caption says that she is "celebrating baby Avery" who is apparently due to arrive in May. Gotta love a girl who loves babies!

She's Been Cleansing (Kind Of).

If anyone has ever attempted the true hell that is a juice cleanse, you know that this post where Lauren admits to cheating ("twice") is all too real.

She's Been Traveling

Judging by her Instagram feed, Lauren H. has been to L.A., San Francisco, and Miami over the last few months. Color me green with envy, but also my sleuthing has led me to conclude that Jubilee was also in this spot where they serve rubber duckies in their drinks not too long ago either! Is it possible that the two women were together? Or just both love their cocktails to come with a side of plastic toys? If they're still friends post-show that's pretty cool considering they didn't get off to the best start.

Lauren H. has definitely not slowed down a bit since her time on The Bachelor, leaving me to wonder if she was doing all of this with Ben Higgins by her side! Only time will tell.

Image: ABC