Ben Might Take Olivia's Rose Away On 'Bachelor'

Since the season premiere of The Bachelor last month, I've had a love/hate relationship with Olivia. Not only has she given us the blessing that is the Olivia's mouth meme, but she's endlessly entertaining, whether she's just stirring the pot or talking about the "secret language" she and Ben share. But, now, Olivia might have officially gone too far — so far that it could end her time on The Bachelor forever. She got a group date rose after she wowed Ben with her Spanish and cooking skills, but that might not necessarily keep her safe. In fact, Ben might take Olivia's rose away, although we won't know for sure until next week.

After witnessing Olivia compare Amanda's life with her children to Teen Mom, Emily brought up the fact that Olivia has been cruel to the other women in the house when she got time to talk to Ben one on one. She ended up in tears for the first time since she said goodbye to her sister, and it definitely seemed like Ben took her seriously. And, if he's looking for backup, he's going to find it — basically anyone else left on the show seems more than willing to call Olivia out for the things she's done and said behind his back.

So, when Olivia and Ben got to talk right afterwards, it seemed to go well... and then, Ben proceeded to grill the other women about her. Both Amanda and Jennifer quickly admitted that Olivia isn't who she appears to be, and in his in the moment interviews, Ben revealed that it's "nerve-wracking" to him to fall for someone who treats other people like this. Before the rose ceremony, Ben took Olivia aside, and it definitely didn't seem to bode well for her future on the show. And, unsurprisingly, no one seemed to feel sorry for her.

The worst part of this whole thing? ABC made what happens next a "to be continued" situation, so we'll have to wait until next week to see if Ben sends her packing. But, after Olivia's behavior, it wouldn't be surprising at all if Olivia finds herself roseless and on a plane home in the next episode. I'm bummed that witnessing her antics may have come to an end, but it's not worth it to keep her around if the contestants are going to feel so hurt by her.

See ya, Olivia! Well, maybe. We'll find out next week!

Image: Eniac Martinez/ABC