Lisa & Jax Discuss Hawaii Arrest On 'Pump Rules'

by Kristie Rohwedder

It's one thing to get called into your boss's office for a one-on-one talk. It's an entirely different swan pond to get invited to Lisa Vanderpump's majestic castle to discuss whether or not you're still on her employee roster. On Monday night's episode of Vanderpump Rules, the Queen of SUR invited Jax to Villa Rosa to discuss a certain something that happened in Honolulu. Did she want to chat about Lala’s instantly legendary hoop earrings? Nope. Did she want to ask him about Tom Schwartz’s Bieber butt selfie? Negatory. Oh! Maybe she’d heard tell of the Legend Of Faith And The Cocktail Double Fist? Nah. Might it have something to do with a certain SURver landing himself in jail?Ding ding ding! Lisa Vanderpump asked Jax to come to her home so she could lay into him for stealing a pair of sunglasses in Honolulu.

When Jax arrived to his boss's palatial estate, he sat down on one of the white tufted couches in the entryway. He nervously wrung his hands as he waited for Lisa to come downstairs. And once she did emerge at the top of the staircase, she wasted no time in letting him have it; the restauranteur literally berated her bartender as she stomped down each step. Lisa said that she was not only disappointed in him, but that she wasn't sure she could trust him as an employee. Jax apologized again and again, but Lisa didn’t want to hear it. She told him that he feels entitled to take whatever he wants, whenever he wants, and that he needs to own up to his actions.

"This is just your story going through life," she said. The visibly ashamed Jax groveled some more and said he wanted to try to earn her trust back. Lisa sighed a lot.

So, what would Lisa do with her thieving SURver? Would she fire Jax from SUR and tell him he can’t use her as a reference? Would she sign him up for community service? Would she make him grab a little plastic baggie and clean up her swans’ massive turds? No, no, and no. Instead, she opted to suspend him from work for a few weeks. And that was that.

As Jax left Lisa’s swan palace, he hung his head in shame. But before he made his way through the glass front door, he looked back one last time. Would Lisa change her mind? Would she call him over and say all is forgiven?

No. Lisa would not change her mind. Lisa would not turn around and stop Jax the Dejected. The viewers at home didn't actually see the moment when she finally turned around, but I imagine it happened when she heard Villa Rosa's iron automatic gate slam shut behind Jax's car.

That night, Jax went out with girlfriend Brittany and ex-SURver Kristen. He was ready to party. He raised a glass to his suspension. “If you’re suspended for a few weeks,” Jax explained in a talking head, “it’s like you’re on vacation.”

Aaaaaaand there's our Jax.

Images: Bravo (2)