Tom Schwartz Surprises Katie With Bieber Selfie On 'Vanderpump Rules,' Reveals He Brought A Camera Tripod On The Trip

Way back in the summer of the year 2015, a young lad named Tom Schwartz posted a selfie on Instagram. The photograph depicted the Vanderpump Rules star’s bare rump, a hotel balcony, some docked boats, and a body of water. The image was Schwartz's homage to pop star Justin Bieber’s now-deleted butt photo. Fast-forward to Monday night’s episode of Pump Rules: we now have a little more backside, er, backstory about the pic. On the second day of the SURvers’ Hawaii trip, Tom Schwartz wakes up fiancé Katie and says he has something to tell her: he set up a tripod,* dropped trou, took a photo of his naked behind, and uploaded the picture onto Instagram.

(*Side bar: This prompted me to spend a solid 10 minutes googling "travel size tripods." As if I'd actually remember to pack/use a tripod on my next trip. As if I wouldn't accidentally leave the tripod in the hotel room every day. As if I'm not the person who forgets to take photographs every time I go on vaycay. Anyway, I think I found a keeper.)

OK, if you'd be so kind, please take a good look at the NSFW photograph. Make as many mental notes as possible. Now, does anything about the image seem off? Might something be missing? A certain “Bubba” butt tattoo, perchance? What happened to the ink that Tom Schwartz acquired in Las Vegas just a few episodes ago? Was the “Bubba” a lie? Was the bacon “A” a lie? Is everything a lie?

Dear reader, you can rest easy tonight, for the tattoo was not a lie. The only thing that was a lie? That photo. Schwartzy tweeted that he didn't want to spoil the Vegas shenanigans episode, so he Photoshopped the tat out of the Insta pic. That's all. Case closed. Everything is fine. Bubba lives.