What Will Taco Bell Debut At The Super Bowl? This Top Secret Product Already Sounds Delicious

If you're someone who watches the Super Bowl for the commercials and has a perpetual hunger for Crunchwrap Supremes, you're gonna latch onto this news. Apparently, Taco Bell's Super Bowl commercial will debut a new product, one that'll inevitably be tested out by joyous post-gamers everywhere. And, since the Super Bowl is February 7 (forever away, basically), it gives us plenty of time to wonder, what will the new Taco Bell product be?

On January 7, Taco Bell came out with a blacked out announcement of the new product launch. While it's meant to be more of a teaser for things to come, there a few very vague context clues that could maybe help us out. To begin with, the ad announces that "this is the first time (redacted) and (redacted) are coming together." So to begin with, it's two very opposing food items, and this gives us the opportunity to think of what trendy food items could be married with Mexican food. How about... Taco Froyo? Some frozen yogurt served Pinkberry style (I would go for green tea), with mini tacos? Or maybe taco sushi? Like, a Taco condensed to sushi sized and served with soy and wasabi sauce? Or how about a Tacoburger? As in, it's just two soft tacos, with some ground beef in the middle.


Maybe not any of these, but obviously there's going to be some conjoining of food... or flavors. The other context clue is that "the (redacted) is filled with (redacted as all hell)." SO IT'S FILLED WITH SOMETHING, which definitely narrows things down. Something about that wording makes me think maybe it's more in the burrito family. What else could it possibly be? Perhaps it could just be a change in Taco shell. From the black-as-my-soul goth tacos they sell during Halloween to the cheese-pumped Doritos taco shells, a change in shell might be at least part of the package. Even still, I feel like dyeing a hard taco shell purple and calling it a day seems a little lazy. You know, a Super Bowl debut might call for a bit more innovation than that.

Well, what about Taco Bell's recent breakfast initiative? We know that Taco Bell serves up breakfast burritos like it ain't no thang, and biscuit tacos pop up in many different forms. What if we just take that a step further and have pancake tacos? Waffle tacos? French toast tacos for a true multi-cultural experience? The possibilities are endless, so I won't try to stress myself out that much. The message has been received: whatever it's going to be, it's going to be big. And, if you're willing to put your trust (and money) into Taco Bell, you can pre-order this mystery item for $2.99 on Saturday February 6 between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. Just be prepared for a potential Taco Pizza!

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