Briana's Family Focus May Be A 'Little Women' Clue

Fans have been promised that even more baby news is ahead on Season 4 of Little Women: LA, which means yet another cast member will be announcing a pregnancy. This time, it's been implied one of the women will be having a set of twins. And judging from her storyline so far, could Briana Renee be pregnant? So far this season, her surprise marriage to Matt, the man she met online last season, seems to be on the rocks. Briana's been struggling to convince the rest of the girls that they have a good marriage and convince Matt that looking for a job needs to be a priority. But according to Briana's social media, the two are still together, trying to make the marriage work, and it looks like they've been focusing a lot on Briana's daughter, Liana, too.

If Briana is expecting a baby, Matt had better be treating her with the respect she deserves, since she's the family breadwinner, has supported him through the relationship and his move to Los Angeles, even when her family and friends disagreed, and wants to see him succeed in whatever new career path he chooses. Briana said in the Season 4 premiere that while she's not actively trying to conceive, she hopes to have another child with Matt before she turns 35.

And doesn't Briana's storyline remind you of Terra's from the first few seasons? She's in a brand new relationship that is moving incredibly fast, much to the concern of her fellow cast members. The same way they're concerned about Matt's intentions, they seemed to be just as worried about Joe Gnoffo. And just like Joe, he may be transforming into a real family man.

Because of those major similarities, I think Little Women: LA could be heading towards a pregnancy storyline for Briana just like Terra's, as she and Matt work through the new anxieties about their marriage. Hopefully, also like Terra, if Briana does wind up having a new baby, it's not before those anxieties are resolved and she manages to reunite with her former best friend Christy McGinity Gibel.

Other than her focus on family rather than friendships this season, there's no real clues that Briana is the one who will be expecting twins on Little Women: LA — though she might be strategically blocking her stomach from view in the above Instagram photo. But there was no bigger shock than when Terra announced her pregnancy back in Season 2, and the series is more than capable of surprising its audience. I know I'm still curious no matter who turns out to be expecting twins.

Image: Zach Dilgard