The Best Tips For Cyberstalking Your Crush

If there’s one thing most singles are guilty of doing in dating these days, it’s probably Google stalking dates. According to a 2012 eHarmony study, nearly half of men and women admit to doing their own online recon work on potential dates prior to the first meeting. Not that there’s anything so wrong with that. Besides, since dating apps are an easy way for people to meet each other, it’s only normal to check the person out to make sure they don’t have any glaring red flags like they murdered their ex or something. Nothing wrong with safety, people.

Personally, I don’t make it a habit of Google stalking my dates. Regardless of how I meet someone, I've realized that I like the process of getting to know them organically IRL. Besides, as many of us know, our internet personas may be very different than what we’re like in real life. Case in point, if a potential date were to Google stalk me, they’d get a ton of information on birth control, blow jobs, and the best places to have sex for your zodiac sign. Because of that, I’ll admit I’ve been on one too many dates where guys have assumed I was down to bang them on the first date just because I openly wrote about sex. Needless to say, that didn’t happen and I never spoke to them again.

In the latest episode of Bustle’s Sex and Relationships podcast “I Want It That Way”, we discuss the best tips for cyberstalking crushes and why maybe doing some “sexy recon” work on your crush may not be the best idea. Although many of us know it could be a bad idea, there's a good chance we're going to do it anyway. Take a listen to the episode below:

Images: Andrew Zaeh/Bustle; Giphy