'Faith' Breaks Records For Fastest 3rd Print Ever

In 1992, Valiant Entertainment's Harbinger gave the comics world a plus-size superhero who wasn't a total joke. Faith "Zephyr" Herbert doesn't eat or sit on her enemies. She flies — off the shelves and into the record books. Faith #1 broke records this week by achieving the fastest third print run in comic book history. Let's hear it for the girl.

Valiant knew Faith — the Harbinger spin-off starring the eponymous L.A. journalist — would be a success. The first and second prints of its inaugural issue shipped together on January 27th, but that wasn't enough for comics fans. A third print of Faith #1 is slated to hit store shelves with Faith #2 on February 24th, giving the first issue an unprecedented three printings in less than one month!

And folks, this is important. Just getting Faith was a leap forward for fat-positive comic book nerds. But when the first issue of a not-Marvel-or-DC comic about a superhero-of-size outsells the Big Two's offerings, something is ~happening~. This is the kind of thing that gets us fantastic new Barbies, OK?

We tell companies what we want by the way we spend our money. When the demand for comic books featuring diverse heroes breaks records, the companies see that they've hit on something the public wants, and they'll continue to give us those products, so long as we continue to demand them.

So let's keep Faith in demand, yeah?