9 Super Bowl Party Ideas For Broncos Fans

As a devoted Broncos fan, you take every game that your treasured team plays in seriously, but this is the Super Bowl we're talking about, the single event that determines the fate of your bragging rights for the next 12 months — you need to celebrate. Sure, you could just order a pizza, invite a few friends over, and call it a day, or you could gear up for the big game in style with a few festive Broncos Super Bowl party ideas. Anybody can come up with a dream Super Bowl menu — spinach and artichoke dip, a heaping plate of nachos, and anything with cheese will do — but to show everyone just how much of a team player you really are, try throwing a few Broncos-themed surprises into the mix. Yup, now you're really ready to score.

Throwing together a last-minute Broncos Super Bowl party doesn't have to be difficult or extravagant. You can have a casual get-together that still feels festive thanks to a few creative touches. Get completely cheesy and over the top with orange balloons and streamers, or print out a few super cute paper props and create a cute make-shift photo booth in your living room. Even if your beloved Broncos don't win, you'll still have plenty of memories to last you until next season.

1. Make A Broncos Photo Booth

The only parties that actually matter are the ones that have a photo booth — professional or otherwise. From footballs to helmets to pizza slices, this Broncos party pack has every prop you could possibly need to stage the perfect Instagram photo, and is instantly downloadable, meaning you only have to wait a few seconds for the fun to start.

Broncos Football Party Photo Booth Props, $6.99, SimplyEveryDayMe/Etsy

2. Broncos Cupcake Toppers

Cupcake toppers are the lazy girl's party hack. You could literally just pick up a dozen store-bought cupcakes and spend 20 seconds "decorating" with these printable adornments, and boom — you have a Denver-approved dessert spread.

Denver Broncos Cupcake Toppers, $1.75, GEMLegends/Etsy

3. Football Balloons

Are these Broncos balloons a little cheesy? Yes. Are they also perfect? Yes. No need to order up a dozen of these — just one or two is enough to make a statement.

Broncos Balloons, $3.99, OCPartySupply/Etsy

4. Football Mason Jars

Get these in brown, orange, and blue from Etsy, or try making your own. It's a cute craft that's actually useful — because drinks.

Distressed Mason Jars, $26, ArnasLovelyBoutique/Etsy

5. Broncos Straws

Opting for plastic cups over mason jars? I feel you — fewer dishes. Dress them up with these spirited paper straws.

Broncos Straws, $1.30, PuppyCatCrafts/Etsy

6. Orange Margarita

Put those straws of yours to good use with a signature themed drink. This satsuma orange margarita by A Cozy Kitchen uses seasonal ingredients, and is the perfect way to show off your team's colors. Plus, beer just feels a little boring after a while, doesn't it?

7. Bottle Koozies

I take back what I said about beer being boring. Dress your bottles up in these adorable fan koozies, and cheers to an amazing night.

Bottle Koozie, $4.99, Party City

8. Super Bowl Attire

There's no debate — Super Bowl parties are the best kind of parties. This shirt may not show your team allegiance, but it does represent your priorities, and it's just as appropriate as any Broncos jersey you may have considered donning.

Super Bowl T-Shirt, $18.95, LetsPartyCreations/Etsy

9. Super Bowl Bracelets

Show your true colors with a bracelet that says it all. These orange and blue bracelets are super cheap, and make an amazing party favor to hand out to your girls celebrating the game with you.

Broncos Bracelet, $9.99, Amazon

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