Major Mom Will Bring Order To Your Life

Friday night's upcoming new episode of Shark Tank is a special one. That's because it's going to highlight entrepreneurs with connections to the military. One of the companies to be featured during the episode is Major Mom, but you probably didn't need me to tell you that it has ties to the armed forces, now did you?

Well, it does, and that's something that should make you eager to watch the new episode of Shark Tank on Friday night. You see, some of the strongest companies ever to be featured on the show have come out of these military-themed episodes that Shark Tank airs every year, including Bottle Breacher and The Natural Grip, just to name a couple. It does make sense that those who have served in the military would go on to use the focus and discipline they gained in their training to take a business venture to the top.

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So will Major Mom experience the same fate as those aforementioned companies that were so successful on Shark Tank? We'll have to wait and see to find out. But while we do, it wouldn't hurt to take a moment to learn what this company is all about before it marches into Shark Tank.

It'll Help You Organize Many Areas Of Your Life

Life can be a chaotic mess, but that doesn't mean your home has to be the same way. Major Mom's professional organizers help you bring order to your home, office, and automobile both in person and virtually. This company also offers more specialized services in baby proofing a home, family and time management, downsizing, and merging households. Basically, if you need to whip your life or that of a loved one into shape, Major Mom will help you do that.

The Employees Are No Joke

Major Mom's employees are not just professional organizers; they're Liberators — or at least that's how the company refers to them. But once you hear about what it takes to become a Major Mom Liberator and see their results, you might not think the company is kind of silly for taking itself so seriously. The Liberators go through a rigorous seven-step hiring process that includes background checks, in-home interviews, a competency and culture fit exam, and three personality tests, according to Major Mom's website. They then have to enroll in the Major Mom Training Academy that includes 36 hours of in-class training, and then do another 48 hours of hands-on training. After all of that, employees still have to do a three-to-six-month apprenticeship before they can call themselves full-blown Liberators. If you think you have what it takes to become a Major Mom Liberator, there's a whole bunch of info about what a career as a professional organizer entails, a more detailed description of the company's jobs and hiring process, as well as a link to apply on its website. Major Mom trains and hires year-round, so what are you waiting for?

It's Not Cheap

"Cheap" is, of course, a relative term, but Major Mom's prices for the company's services seem like a lot to pay for tasks that you could do yourself with some time and effort. But then again, those also have costs, so if you value what Major Mom brings to the table, prices range from $288 for extra-small projects to $2,888 for extra-large projects. It's unclear what constitutes the size of a project, but you can schedule a free in-home estimate online or call 866-693-6996 to find out. The packages can be purchased through Major Mom's online store. However, Major Mom only has troops in Phoenix in Arizona, Boulder, Colorado Springs, and Denver in Colorado, and, soon, Austin, Dallas, and Houston in Texas, so if you don't live around one of those areas, you'll just have to hope a Major Mom franchise opens up near you or just be your own organizing soldier.

There Are Some Cheaper Options

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If you you're not able to take advantage of Major Mom's services due to budget or location restraints, you could always go for a more affordable and universal option available through the company's online store. Major Mom also sells video workshops ($28.88 each), audio lessons ($2.88 each), books ($10.88 each), ebooks ($8.88 each), audio workshops ($14.88 each), and monthly webinars ($48 each) in a variety of topics to help you get better organized. You can also buy a virtual organizing session with a Liberator for $58 an hour plus a $100 deposit. But if you really don't want to pay anything but still want some of Major Mom's organization tips, look no further than the company's Facebook and Twitter profiles where you'll frequently find words of wisdom to help restore some order in your life.

You Might Be Eligible For A Discount

Major Mom always offers a 10 percent discount to those who served and are currently serving in the military, which is a nice gesture, especially considering the fact that this company's military ties run deep.

The Founder Is Major

And she's actually a major. Like, a rank in the U.S. Air Force major. Angela Cody-Rouget served in the Air Force for 13 years before serving as the founder and CEO of Major Mom, a nickname given to her by her husband Frederic after the birth of their first child. But after her second child was born, Cody-Rouget decided she didn't want to spend so much time away from her babies any longer, and she resigned her commission with an honorable discharge.

As a full-time mom, Cody-Rouget realized everyone could use some help every once in a while, so she became a professional organizer. She eventually started Major Mom and grew her business with her business partner Mandy Pinkston. As of October 2015, the company has trained 48 apprentices through 14 academy classes and currently has 16 Liberators, according to Major Mom's website.

If Major Mom gets a Shark to invest, that army could become a major force to be reckoned with.

Image: Michael Desmond/ABC