Lisa Rinna Apologizes To Yolanda Foster On 'Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills,' But Was It Just A "Hollywood" Apology?

Something has been bugging Lisa Rinna this season on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and on Monday night, she was finally able to get it off her chest. Earlier this season, Lisa brought up Munchausen syndrome, a syndrome where someone creates an illness to garner sympathy from others. Lisa never accused Yolanda of having Munchausen, but instead she participated in a conversation where the word was used. This led to Lisa feeling guilty and using the word even more with the other cast members, when Yolanda finally got word about the word. On Monday, Lisa apologized to Yolanda on RHOBH , finally putting an end to the Munchausen talk.

Lisa was very nervous about her meeting with Yolanda, so much so that she met with Yolanda's close friend, Erika, to get advice about the upcoming conversation (and probably say a quick Hail Mary in Erika's chapel). When the time finally came, Lisa went to Yolanda's house and gave her the best apology she could muster up. Was it enough, though? I'm not so sure. Lisa admitted to engaging in "outside chatter" about Yolanda's health, but Yolanda didn't seem to buy it entirely. Yolanda questioned if Lisa was a friend or a "Hollywood" friend, but the conversation left me questioning if Lisa's apology was an apology or a "Hollywood" apology.

Personally, I think that Yolanda can walk away from this situation as the bigger person by not even engaging in defending her health. Unlike Real Housewives of Orange County and the whole Brooks cancer debacle, the women didn't get behind Lisa Rinna's comment about a sympathy disease. Most of them clearly didn't want to engage in that type of "outside chatter," and the topic could easily have been dropped after one conversation about it.

I'm hoping that Lisa's apology to Yolanda was real and authentic. I'd like to think that Yolanda doesn't have to worry about Lisa talking about her anymore now that they've met face to face. Lisa seemed apologetic enough to keep her thoughts on Yolanda's health to herself, then again, as Lisa's tagline says, "these lips are made for talking, and that's just what they'll do."