Signs You Might Be Getting Proposed To Soon

by Erica Florentine

If you've been dating your significant other for quite some time and marriage is something you've both talked about more and more in recent times, chances are you may be on the lookout for those little signs you’re about to get engaged. Even if you haven't been dating long, some of you out there might just feel that the proposal is coming soon. Whether you want to get engaged or not is another story, but... it's better to see it coming than to be blindsided, that's for sure. The good thing is that many times those who are doing the actual proposing might give off unintentional signs that they’re going to pop the question.

Personally, in my circle of friends, I think 90 percent of the conversations I have revolve around weddings, engagements (and engagement photos that I despise , but that's a story for a different day), or babies, so I (perhaps not so rightfully) consider myself an expert on these topics. For many of my friends who are close to engagement, they regularly tell me they want to be completely surprised when it actually happens. However, I know some friends who are, at the same time, on the hunt for any signs it could be happening soon. Whether you want to get married soon or not, maybe you've been noticing your partner acting a little strange lately and are wondering what's up. Here are seven little signs that might tip you off to the fact that you’re about to be proposed to:

1. He Or She Suddenly Wants To Know About Your Jewelry Preferences

This is the most obvious of signs that wedding bells may be chiming for you in the near future — if your partner is suddenly asking a lot of questions about your jewelry preferences, it could just be they’re ring shopping. This could include straight up asking what you like or beating around the bush by getting your thoughts on someone else’s ring. According to The Knot, you might also notice your partner has snooped in your jewelry box or is now always holding your hand. The Knot also mentioned a very big signal... one of your rings has miraculously gone missing.

2. Your Partner Has Become Incredibly Helpful Around The House

Stop and think about it: Has your partner been abnormally stepping in to do the dishes every night or make the bed in the morning? Tamsen Fadal, co-author of Why Hasn’t He Proposed?, told Cosmopolitan that before popping the question, your significant other might subconsciously seek out ways to prove their domestic side. Speaking specifically about men who are about to propose, Fadal said a guy may be proving himself this way because, “he wants to make sure you see him as a partner who pulls his weight.”

3. Your S.O. Is Being Far Thriftier Than Usual

If your partner has always been rather thrifty, this one can be difficult to decipher, so I wouldn’t completely bank on this sign. However, for those of you who have significant others who have always been rather cool about spending money on a vacation, or splurging on a new piece of furniture for your apartment, and now are keeping their wallets sealed — listen up! According to Glamour, this change in spending habits can be a sign you’re about to be asked the big question. The idea is that your partner might be trying to save their cash for a ring, rather than elsewhere, according to Glamour.

4. He Or She Has Thrown In Phrases Like “When We Have A Family…”

It’s not just the phrases that are speaking volumes, it’s the fact that your partner is considering what a future would look like with you. According to Kay Junior of Swift Travel Deals, who has worked with countless brides on destination weddings and honeymoons, if your partner talks a lot about your future plans together, they’re in it for the long haul. Junior told LADYLUX, “Before popping the question, [they] will want to make sure that you both are on the same page about your goals, financials and your future together... may even discuss what it may be like to start a family with you.” If you think engagement might be in the near future, keep your ear to the ground for talks of the future.

5. Your Partner Has A Newfound Interest In Spending Time With Your Parents

Likely your S.O. has met your parents before if you’re at this stage in your relationship, but if not, they’re likely to be making an effort to meet them now if they’re considering proposing, according to The Knot. The Knot said for those partners who’ve already met your parents, they’ll be invested in getting to know them even better, and in spending more time with your family as a whole.

6. Your S.O. Is More Vocal About Other People’s Weddings Than Ever Before

Where he or she used to solely be interested in how close your table was to the open bar at the weddings you’ve attended, now they seem to have a lot of opinions on how things play out at other people’s wedding. According to Marie Claire UK, your partner might, for instance, offer opinions on a bride’s dress or even a bridesmaid’s dress. Whatever the opinions may be, they’re something totally out-of-character for your partner to comment on.

7. Overall, Your Partner Has Been Acting Very Strange

I’ve known many women that — right before they got engaged — actually thought their partner was on the verge of breaking up with them because their partner was acting so distant and strange. I vividly remember a conversation with one friend who couldn’t stop crying as she told me she was certain her then-boyfriend was losing interest in her. “He has barely even looked at me for weeks,” she sobbed. No exaggeration, they got engaged a couple of days later. Turns out the guy was just completely anxious — literally a ball of nerves. All Women Stalk confirmed this, noting some people become discombobulated right before they propose. This could translate to them being more distracted and quiet than usual. Remember, though, that this strange behavior alone might be due to something else going on in their life (e.g., issues at work, family troubles, etc.), so keep that in mind as well.

If you feel you and your partner are ready to take that next step and are anxiously awaiting the moment they pop the question, look for these signs to guide you. And if you're worried your partner may engaged and you're not feeling like a wedding is such a good idea for you, then maybe you should start a conversation sooner rather than later.

Images: Pixabay (7); jurvetson/Flickr