23 Healthy Super Bowl Recipes For Game Day

When it comes to the traditional Game Day menu, dishes like nachos and potato skins always win big. But when you're trying to eat a wholesome diet, figuring out healthy Super Bowl recipes becomes quite the task. This is especially true if you've made a new year's resolution to consume more balanced, healthy meals in 2016. Or perhaps you are just trying to be more mindful of what goes in your body. I’m right there with you.

Admittedly, it can be difficult to do this at a party or event. Fortunately, you don't have to sacrifice taste or convenience to eat well during these festivities. It all comes down to making small yet impactful swaps of certain ingredients.

For example, opting for turkey chili instead of beef will save you extra cholesterol and saturated fat. Whole grain bread can transform the integrity of a burger or hot dog, while baking instead of frying will omit extra saturated fat. If you know where to look, eating healthy during the Super Bowl doesn't have to be complicated.

Luckily, you won’t have to look much further. Here are 23 of my favorite healthy Super Bowl recipes, just in time for the big game. Enjoy!

1. Broccoli Pesto

Pesto is perfect for adding a fresh burst of flavor to pasta and rice dishes. It also makes a wonderful topping for halftime snacks like crackers or toast. For a version that is healthier than the store-bought kind, try this broccoli pesto by Green Kitchen Stories. It has significantly less sodium and is totally swoon-worthy.

2. Cashew Sour Cream

Whether you're topping off some chili or making a nacho dip, sour cream is a Super Bowl essential. And thanks to The Healthy Foodie, you can skip the saturated fat and preservatives with this vegan cashew "sour cream."

3. Healthy Chipotle Chicken Sweet Potato Skins

On Game Day, potato skins are really (really) good at stealing the spotlight. Unfortunately, they're also the source of cholesterol, saturated fat, and grease. With this recipe by Half Baked Harvest, you can skip all of the above and bake up a healthier alternative.

4. Crispy Oven-Fried Pickle Chips

For another dish that is simple enough to split up and share, check out these oven-fried pickle chips by The Crepes of Wrath. Because they are baked in the oven instead of being dumped in a vat of oil, they're significantly less greasy. I'll take seconds and thirds, please.

5. Olive Oil Tuna Toast

Toast is an awesome Super Bowl appetizer because it is so easy to put together. You can even whip up a plate or two during halftime. This recipe by Joy the Baker shows you how to use tuna in a nutritious, grown-up way. Win.

6. 20-Minute Vegan Chili

Along with potato skins and wings, chili is a Super Bowl staple. For a healthy way to cozy up with this fan fave, try this vegan chili recipe by The Scrumptious Pumpkin. It doesn't hurt that it only takes 20 minutes to make, too.

7. Super Healthy Peanut Butter Date Special K-Bars

Hey, every Game Day menu needs at least one dessert. Start off with these good-for-you bars by Half Baked Harvest; they don't require any extra sugar and are vegan. You can even make them gluten-free if you use gluten-free cornflakes.

8. Healthy Loaded Cheddar and Blue Cheese Buffalo Chicken Dogs

For most people, hot dogs fall extremely far from the "healthy" category. Fortunately, Half Baked Harvest figured out a way to change that. These homemade hot dogs made with ground chicken feature less preservatives and more real flavor than the store-bought kind. They're topped off with carrots, lettuce, and a homemade spicy avocado ranch dressing. Yum!

9. Mediterranean Cauliflower Rice Salad

Cauliflower rice is amazing for creating a filling dish that is full of vitamins and healthy goodness. The Crepes of Wrath shows you how to use it in a tasty Mediterranean salad; serve it as a main dish, a side, or even as an appetizer.

10. Homemade Spicy Ketchup

Condiments are essential for any get-together. Of course, the Super Bowl is no exception. Impress your guests (and yourself) with this homemade spicy ketchup recipe by Joy the Baker. This DIY version is automatically healthier than commercial "tomato" ketchup, which is often full of sodium, preservatives, and red dye.

11. Broccoli & Potato Nuggets

Skip the questionable frozen chicken nuggets, and make these healthy broccoli and potato nuggets by Joy the Baker. These would pair so well with that homemade spicy ketchup.

12. Chocolate Avocado Pudding

Surprise your guests with a wholesome pudding created by How Sweet It Is. Between the coconut milk and avocados, this creamy concoction will be a definite crowd pleaser.

13. Green Pizza with Cauliflower Base

Cauliflower is at it again in this pizza recipe by Green Kitchen Stories. When pulsed and baked, this multi-talented veggie creates a nutritious pizza crust. This is another one that can be effortlessly divvied up and shared between your guests.

14. Easy and Healthy Homemade Pizza Sauce

While I'm talking about pizza, I can't help but mention this sauce recipe from Oatmeal with a Fork. This homemade version features less necessary sodium than the store-bought version, making it a healthier alternative for your Super Bowl party needs.

15. Cauliflower Rice Burrito Bowl

Take cauliflower for another spin with a burrito bowl recipe by Joy the Baker. It's basically like the average burrito bowl's wiser older cousin.

16. Tuna, Kale, and Egg Salad

Get everyone revved up for the game with this protein-rich salad by Joy the Baker. It's super simple to whip up, and can be served as a side or main dish.

17. Spiced Turkey Chickpea Chili

Craving some meat for your big ol' pot of chili? Try this turkey chickpea version by The Crepes of Wrath. The turkey is less fatty than pork or beef, while the chickpeas are an excellent source of protein. You can even top it off with pita chip croutons, which boast much less sodium than their store-bought counterparts.

18. 30-Minute Healthy Kickin' Cajun Chicken and Rice

Spice up your menu with a quick Cajun dish by Half Baked Harvest. It features a colorful medley of peppers, spices, and seasonings. Also, I bet this would be amazing as a burrito. Just saying.

19. Wasabi Soy Deviled Eggs

Take your Super Bowl menu up a notch with these deviled eggs by Ari's Menu. Between the light olive oil mayo and non-fat plain Greek yogurt, these are much healthier than your traditional recipe. That unique flavor combo is something special, too.

20. Terah's Delicious Lettuce Wraps

Thanks to these lettuce wraps by Natasha's Kitchen, you can make sure that you'll get a hefty dose of greens on the table. You could easily swap out the lettuce for kale as well.

21. Healthy Tostadas

Show off your love for Mexican food with these healthy tostadas from Oatmeal with a Fork. The post demonstrates how you can make your own gluten-free tortillas, which is ideal for diet restrictions or preferences. P.S. How fun would a DIY tostada bar be?

22. No-Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Snack Bites

Because every Super Bowl party needs snacks on snacks on snacks. Ditch the salty chips and sugary candies with these healthy chocolate peanut butter snack bites by How Sweet It Is. They also require zero baking, leaving extra oven room for things like cauliflower pizzas and oven-friend pickle chips. Obviously.

23. Chocolate-Covered Grape Skewers

For another simple Super Bowl dessert, check out these chocolate-covered grape skewers by How Sweet It Is. They require zero kitchen skills and will provide a clever way of serving fruit at your party.

For more ideas, check out Bustle on YouTube.

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