'RHOP' Fans Can Now Try Ashley's Restaurant

I don't know about you, but I'm a big fan of "new girl" Ashley Darby on Real Housewives of Potomac . On the surface, she seems kind of out of place in the friend group: She is only 26 years old and she isn't even from Potomac. But this lady has a lot to offer to the clique, as well as to the fans who watch the show. At this point on RHOP, we have heard a lot about Ashley and her husband Michael Darby working hard to open their restaurant. So far, we've seen the Housewife take the champagne-sipping ladies to a whiskey tasting, which was pretty interesting to watch since they were so far out of their comfort zones. But will they venture to her restaurant? Is Ashley Darby's restaurant even open yet?

Good news: Oz Arlington has been open for four months. So what's the deal with the name? If you watch the show, you must have noticed that Ashley's husband Michael has an Australian accent and now it's probably all coming together for you: It's an Australian-American restaurant. Here's what the restaurant has to offer and what you can expect if you drop by.

Where Is It?

As the name Oz Arlington suggests, the restaurant is in Arlington, Virginia. This is interesting because it's not in Potomac specifically, but rather 30 minutes away — not very far in general, but far for a group of ladies who seriously love staying in Potomac. I hope this doesn't pull Ashley away from social interactions with the ladies. I really enjoy seeing her on the show! Anyway, if you are in the Clarendon area of Arlington, check out Oz Arlington and support Ashley!

What's On The Menu?

Oz Arlington is described as an Australian-American restaurant, and it's basically what it sounds like. There are some exotic dishes from Australia, as well as some dishes that Americans will be more used to. Some items on the menu include emu carpaccio, kangaroo sliders, soy glazed lamb tataki, and rissole egg.

What About People Who Aren't Risk Takers?

For people who aren't ready to immerse themselves into the Australian culture, there are other foods that should be more familiar and comforting to American diners like burgers, salads, and fish and chips. So patrons can either play it safe, branch out, or compromise with a little bit of both.

Oz Arlington is a unique restaurant with some hard working people behind it, so I have a feeling that it will find success now that it's open!