How Many Women Think Men Should Pay On Dates

Between the internal battle to prevent any awkward silences, and the acute awareness of the sounds you make when you're chewing, the first date is king of uncomfortable social situations. But above all the tension filled moments, there is one debate that will forever be the most awkward first-date situation: Who should pay for the date?

As a heterosexual woman, I occasionally feel the need to offer. After all, as someone who expects equality out of a potential partner, I don't want to establish off the bat that there are certain disproportionate gender expectations, or worse yet, have my date unjustifiably expect something from me in ways of *gag* compensation. Regardless of the situation, there's also something innately weird about asking to go Dutch when someone else asks you out and plans the whole date. So what the hell do you do?

Match's latest Singles in America survey is finally shedding some light on what singles expect from first dates, including whose going to pay. After polling over 5,500 singles from across the country, it seems like hetero men and women seem to have slightly different ideas of who should pay for a first date and what that date should cost. Here are some of the survey's more interesting results.

1. Here's How Many Singles Expect Men To Pay

If you're about to go on a date with a man, it's a pretty old-fashioned expectation that he'll pay. But does this assumption still hold up? Kind of. According to Match's survey, 50 percent of men expect that they should be the ones paying on the first date. This isn't completely the case with women; only 36 percent agreed that a man should be paying for their first date.

2. Guys Expect A Date To Cost More Than Women Do

On top of making assumptions about who should cover the cost of the date, many singles have expectations about the price tags of their first dates. After polling its pool of singles, Match found that guys expect a date to cost more than most women do. Overall, men expect a date to run them an average of $68.28, while women think that an average of $55.71 is more than adequate. Take that, high maintenance stereotypes!

3. For The Second Date, You Should Be Pulling Out All The Stops

In addition to uncovering first date expectations, Match's survey also found that most singles put more weight on second dates. Typically, men and women are willing to go on second dates even if there isn't that much chemistry because 50 percent believe that another person can "grow" on them.

What this ultimately means? The second date is when you should be making your best impression, which includes how much you should be spending on that date. Both sexes agree that the second date should have a higher price tag, with slight discrepancies on the exact amount. Men on average believe a second date should cost about $77, while women are satisfied with $64.

4. This Type Of Restaurant Boosts The Chances Of A Second Date

Regardless of what you believe a date should cost, Match's survey also found that first dates will almost always guarantee second dates if the restaurant is pricier. In fact, researchers discovered that a restaurant with a more showy price tag will boost your chances of a second date by 50 percent. First impressions aren't everything, but it seems like they can still make a difference.

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