These Celebs Are So Ready For Super Bowl 50

Are you ready for some football? The 2016 Super Bowl is right around the corner, which means football fans are prepping their party lists, ensuring they have the best guacamole possible (duh), refusing to purchase cheap beer (it's a celebration, after all), and ironing their NFL gear for one of the biggest sporting events of the year. If you're not part of that bunch, you know who is? Celebrities. That's right, some celebs can't get enough of the game. Actually, there are quite a few celebrity Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos fans who can't wait for the start of Super Bowl 50.

Throughout the season, Panthers and Broncos fans have been rooting for their teams, but they kicked their support up a notch when it was finally determined that these two teams were heading to the Super Bowl. How can you not be excited for a team that you've been cheering on when they make it to the NFL championship game? That's a big deal.

So, what better way to get into the spirit of the big game than by letting Broncos and Panthers fans know which celebrities are on their side. After all, it's about team spirit and fans coming together, right?

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson is beyond ready to see the Broncos in action. First, I hope she wears the above outfit on game day. Second, here's what she told Today about her love for Denver and quarterback Peyton Manning. "I'm a big Peyton Manning fan," she said. "And I grew up in Colorado. So when Peyton Manning found his way [to] the Broncos, our whole family was like aaaah!"

Scott Porter

As a former star of Friday Night Lights, of course Jason Street — I mean, Scott Porter, is a huge football fan. He repeatedly shows his support for Denver on social media. And I don't mind it one bit, especially when his adorable son joins his pictures.

Brooklyn Decker

When it comes to the Panthers, don't mess with Brooklyn Decker. They are her team and she will never leave their side.

Jessica Biel

Granted, this tweet isn't recent, but I'm assuming Biel is rooting for the Broncos once again. Here's hoping she shares a picture of her son Silas wearing Denver gear, because that would be adorable.

Don Cheadle

Don Cheadle is all for the Broncos. If you follow him on Twitter, he sometimes live tweets games and shares love for Denver. He also retweeted the Broncos logo above, which is one of the many ways the House of Lies actor supports his team.

Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach

Now, it's not clear if Miss Universe Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach is rooting for the Panthers. That said, she knows how to dance it up with some of the team's players. She might not be a fan of football, but after breaking it down with Carolina, I think there's a good chance she is now.

Even though there seem to be more celebrity Broncos fans, that doesn't mean they're going to win or that Panthers aren't receiving an equal amount of support. Who will you be rooting for this year?