How Much Does Olivia Palermo's Nordstrom Collection Cost? Get Ready To Shop — PHOTOS

Watch out world: Olivia Palermo's Nordstrom Collection is officially on its way. With a set release on Feb. 8, just a week before fashion week, the former star from The City will now have a collection available for you to buy and wear. I know, I'm screaming with joy right now too. It makes sense for Palermo to have her own Nordstrom collection though, because she's pretty much the ultimate fashionista and owns a wardrobe that's serious fashion goals.

As soon as I heard that the street style icon previewed her full collection, I had to skim through every photo from the look book. Spoiler alert: Palermo's work is totally amazing. Besides all the stylish tops and playful bottoms that are included in her gorgeous line, there's also something about Palermo's collection that makes it super appealing — it's actually affordable. (Well, all things considered.) The collection, named Olivia Palermo + Chelsea28, will range in price, from $68 to $448. It's not too out of reach, and I'm sure the quality of her pieces will be amazing.

Inspired with a bunch of colors, patterns, and an array of different fitting pieces, her collection definitely showcases her own personal style. There's even a hint of Tokyo-inspired designs, which makes sense because she did previously mention that Tokyo was one of Palermo's favorite places to shop.

Take a look and check out some of the stuff I'm already obsessed with:

Paisley Maxi Dress

Love the color and texture on this one. So bohemian, yet sophisticated. A perfect pair.

Wide-Leg Pants

This look is gorgeous. I love the sleeveless trench paired with the wide bottoms. It's super classy and modern.

Striped Sweater

This sweater is so cute. The bow in the back is a nice touch and adds a bit of oomph to an otherwise traditional striped top. It definitely adds a little harajuku feel to it!

Pastel Blue Gown

This gorgeous dress is EVERYTHING.

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Images: Nordstrom