Is Kourtney Offering Another Lip Kit Clue?

While lipstick lovers and Kylie Jenner fans eagerly await fresh and usable intel on when they can order her new Lip Kit colors, which consist of Posie K pink and Mary Jo red so far, her big sis went old school. Kourtney Kardashian wore a classic Kylie Lip Kit color in True Brown K, a deep, coffee-like shade. The eldest Kardashian sister admitted that it took her a minute to test-drive the Lip Kits, but she was hooked when she did. I might feel the same way if I could, you know, get my hands on one!!! Then, she even hinted that the original trio of suede-like neutrals could soon be restocked, since they sold out instantly both times they were available. This new shot has me wondering — is the fact that Kourt is wearing an OG Lip Kit a hint or a clue about what's next?

The official Kylie Lip Kit Instagram page posted the photo and perhaps it was a promotional effort to get fans stoked about a new supply of originals as well as the upcoming Valentine's Day collection. When Jenner first revealed her Posie K hue, she noted that she was working on a new formula and that she would offer three new shades. So far, we've seen two noobs and both are bold and bright. Where is the third? Time is ticking, since V Day is only 10 days away.

Here's a super sexy Kardashian in True Brown K. With her tawny skin and the bright lighting, it doesn't look quite as matte or as velvet in texture as the Lip Kit shots that populate the brand's IG feed.

Here's how I am analyzing the info.

Maybe this isn't a clue. Maybe it was just another show of support from Jenner's family. But I am hoping that it was a subtle way to tease a restock of the originals. But I am still itching for more information about the possible third new color. It's starting to get frustrating.

Jenner's other big sis Khloe Kardashian also rocked Candy K, showing her support and pinkifying her plump pout.

Here is a mashup of the first two "seasons" of Lip Kits. The fact that Kourt went with a classic shade, combined with this shot, had me wondering if there will be an option to purchase the entire collection and all shades when they become avail again.

I will say this, Lip Kit coveters! I was in a New Jersey Urban Outfitters on Saturday night and I was looking at LBDs when I heard something hit the floor near my feet. I looked down. I was like, "OMFG! Is that a... Kylie Lip Kit?" I knew it instantly, from one look at the tube, with its dripping graphic. The sale associate who dropped it quickly retrieved it and stuffed it back in her pocket. It was like seeing a... unicorn!

The moral of the story? Yes, Kylie Lip Kits do exist. I saw one in real life... if from a distance.

Images: Lip Kit by Kylie/Instagram (2); Khloe Kardashian/Instagram (1)