Kylie Jenner's New Lip Kit Color Is Her Boldest

Are you ready for a new Kylie Lip Kit Color? Actually, it's more like are you "red-y?" It looks like Kylie Jenner revealed a new Lip Kit Color on her personal Instagram and it's easily her boldest shade yet. The reality star shared a photo of herself in her signature mirror selfie pose, rocking a fire engine red bra and panties with matching, super sexy lips. She even captioned the snap, "Could this be a new Lip Kit color?" What a tease! It's a racy red hue and totally screams "Look at my lips!" This crimson color is not for everyone. But if you wear it with confidence, you will totally kill it. Just like Kylie herself.

I would like to take a second to note that I predicted that "Season 2" of her Lip Kits would likely include scarlet shade. When she first revealed that she would be releasing a Valentine's Day collection of Lip Kits, featuring three new shades and a new formula, starting with the bright pink Posie K, I wondered if she would go with a red velvet shade. Her "Season 1" Lip Kits were suede-like neutrals and it appeared that she was shifting towards bolder, louder shades when she debuted Posie.

Well, this color, which should totally be named "Red Velvet," is her brightest so far.

That's a va-va-voom, bombshell, and Old Hollywood glam siren red, for sure. If you like a muted or subtle lip look, then this Lip Kit color is not for you. But if you want "Look at me!" lips, then this is all you.

There's really no way this can't be a new Lip Kit color. Why would she tease her fans and test drive it on her ever-important social media feed with no real purpose? It's not like she would promote a rejected shade that she doesn't plan to produce because... what would be the point? I'd like to think she wouldn't play with our emotions so capriciously.

This color also has me wondering what the third shade in the trio will be, since Jenner did say she would be launching three new colors. Also, ICYMI, her big sis Kourtney Kardashian hinted that there would be a restock of the originals when she finally got around to rocking one of the first generation of Lip Kits on her own pout.

One can only assume that this red is part of the Valentine's Day collection, since a rich, deep red is totally appropriate for the holiday represented by kisses, lips, and the color red. Jenner is very careful with how she parses out information for her coveted, cult fave Lip Kits. She has been promising that the new collection is coming. Valentine's Day is less than two weeks ago, so these babies are likely to go on sale very, very soon.

David Buchan/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Jenner doesn't often rock a loud red lip. But when she does, she kills it.

Let another round of Lip Kit mania begin. Here's to hoping that she produces enough supply to meet demand.

Images: Kylie Jenner/Instagram (2)