We're Guessing The Third Kylie Lip Color Is...

When you don't have the full benefit of information about something, your brain tries to fill in the gaps and construct a narrative based from the intel you do have. That's common. That's also exactly what I am doing regarding Kylie Jenner's Valentine's Day Lip Kit collection. When the reality star revealed that she was launching three new shades and a new formula for Valentine's Day, she debuted the bright pink Posie K color. A few weeks later, she dropped Mary Jo, a rich, rad red, on us. Both shades seemed perfectly fit for Valentine's Day but were also a stark contrast to the original neutrals in her first-ever trio of Lip Kits. The third shade in the new V Day trio has yet to reveal itself. But I've got an educated guess about what color it could be.

The first collection, or "Season 1," as I like to call it as a nod to her brother-in-law Kanye West and his Yeezey Season clothing lines, was very soft, totally neutral, and 100 percent Kylie Jenner. But it was 100 percent Kylie Jenner circa 2015.

It was clear when the teen shared Posie K that she was going for bright, bold, and loud this time out. That move was 100 percent Kylie Jenner circa 2014.

With that in mind, let's look to the visual. When she paired Posie K and Mary Jo against Candy K and Dolce K, you can see a totally different aesthetic. The two shades on the right are the current Jenner style. The two hues to the left remind us of Jenner from two years ago.

Now, check out this shot of Jenner from 2014, with matte, black lips. That's a really tricky look to pull off. It's not an every day or during the day look. But it was for Jenner, who plays by her own makeup rules. Her pout was gothed out for a brief period.

Because of this, I am guessing that the third Lip Kit color will be black. It's a look Jenner has rocked before and she can reference her past and classic looks in the now. I know you might be thinking, "Wait, what? Black? How does that fit the bright theme of the other two colors?" Stay with me.

Look at the three original Lip Kits. Dolce K and Candy K are super similar, nude x pink shades. Then, there is True Brown K, which is deeper and darker, and is not much like the other two. It would make sense for Jenner to totally shake up the expected "theme" of her new season of Lip Kits with a way out there shade, like black.

Plus, black pairs well with red and pink and could appeal to her goth fans, too. Kat Von D's Everlasting Liquid Lipstick, which has the same texture as the Lip Kits, comes in Witches, a pitch black shade that her fans lure. So it's doable. ($20,

Images: Kylie Jenner/Instagram (2); Lip Kit by Kylie/Instagram (1); Courtesy Sephora (1)