11 "Pillowtalk" Memes That Make The Zayn Malik Single Even More Enjoyable

Zayn Malik's new music has been anticipated from the day he left One Direction. And, since the former 1D singer dropped plenty of clues in the lead up to the release of his first solo single, anticipation for "Pillowtalk" was real. So far, the song hasn't disappointed. Not only were fans on standby to hear Malik's debut as soon as it dropped, their reactions were on instant fleek, with listeners sharing "Pillowtalk" memes as soon as they could.

Some of these Zayn Malik-inspired memes are on the creepy side (just wait until you see the ones involving those sweet and innocent Minions), and many reference One Direction, somewhat unsurprisingly. The fact that so many fans of Malik's music have taken to the Internet with memes in praise of his new single shows that his popularity hasn't been damaged by the so-called rift with One Direction, and that he's already being taken seriously as a solo artist — something that's clearly important to the musician. While the "Pillowtalk" video speaks for itself, showing Malik with real-life girlfriend Gigi Hadid, the memes celebrating the singer's success are completely varied.

See for yourself, but don't say I didn't warn you. "Pillowtalk" memes mean serious business, y'all.

1. The Fandom Is Real

Don't let yourself have any doubt. Zayn Malik has fans, and they're not in short supply.

2. "Pillowtalk" Might Be Award Worthy

Just sayin'.

3. There Were Some Pretty Strong Reactions To The Song

I hope this nice lady is OK.

4. And The Reactions Included Tears

Don't cry, James Corden. Malik's album will be out soon.

5. Spongebob Got In On The Action

I'm not sure how I feel about this.

6. Gigi Hadid Had Her Own Interpretation

Burger or Zayn? Burger or Zayn?

7. Ed Sheeran Took His Clothes Off

"Pillowtalk" has a serious effect on a person's ability to wear clothes.

8. Harry Potter Got Involved In Some "Pillowtalk" Of His Own

Ron Weasley is always surprising people.

9. The Powerpuff Girls Understand You On A Spiritual Fault

I always knew that show was deep.

10. Some Fan Guesses About "Pillowtalk" Were Pretty Off Base

Yeah, me too buddy.

11. The Minions Refused To Be Left Out

Was Zayn Malik inspired by the Minions movie? Seems pretty blatant to me.

"Pillowtalk" has inspired a lot of things in a lot of people, and it's definitely a sign that Zayn Malik's solo career is on the up. Sorry 1D — don't hate me! Watch the video in full below.

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