'RHOBH' Fans Will Love This News

Celebrities and lifestyle brands go together like peanut butter and jelly, especially these days. It seems like every celebrity has plans to market themselves as a brand in one way or another. From fashion to food and everything in between, celebrity lifestyle sites have simply become the norm. And it totally makes sense: with social media, we get constant access to our favorite celebrities. These glimpses into their personal lives, what they wear, their favorite workouts, and even what they eat all become Pin-worthy aspirations for us normal people. These sites range from extremely aspirational (Goop, anyone?) to the much-easier-to-achieve, like Lauren Conrad. And now there's another celebrity trying her hand at a lifestyle site: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fan-favorite Lisa Rinna!

Lots of Real Housewives have branded themselves over the years. From Bethenny Frankel's uber-popular Skinnygirl line, to Kandi Burruss and her sex toy line, it seems like Real Housewives will pretty much put their name on anything. But Rinna's new site, aptly titled From My Lips, is a welcome addition to the celebrity website game for many reasons. First of all, the tongue-in-cheek title is quintessential Lisa Rinna. She's famous for her plump pout, and loves to poke fun at the attention her lips have been given over the years, so it's a perfect title.

In a welcome note to readers, Rinna promises a curation of articles that she loves, including "a little bit of everything: inspiration, humor, pop culture, how-to’s," and more. The site already has some pretty exciting stuff on it, but I'm hoping she'll hit the ground running as the site gains traction and include more of a personal touch. Here are some things she should definitely feature using the expertise we know she has.

1. Fashion Tips

If you're an avid RHOBH fan, you know about Rinna's successful Lisa Rinna Collection with QVC. Her stuff is great because it's affordable and easy-to-wear. She always looks great on the show, and she designs clothes with women of all sizes and tastes in mind. In Beverly Hills, where going out without heels on seems to be unacceptable, Rinna manages to look like a million bucks in a leather jacket and jeans.

2. Relationship Advice

Rinna has never been shy about discussing her relationship with husband Harry Hamlin, and she's fiercely protective over him and their marriage. They're also a seriously adorable couple, and pretty much define #relationshipgoals. Having a nearly twenty-year marriage (that seems happy and thriving, no less!) in Hollywood is a rare feat, so I'm sure fans would love to hear tips and funny anecdotes from her. Plus, she seems like a hilarious mom, so she's obviously doing something right!

3. Recipes

I mean, we're already kindred spirits given that both she and I *never* pass up a piece of cake, so I'd love to know what she's cooking up in her own kitchen.

4. Juicy Behind-The-Scenes Tidbits

Obviously, each episode of RHOBH is only an hour long, so we don't get the whole story about what really goes on behind the scenes with these ladies. I'm sure Rinna has some tea to spill, and I'm ready to hear it!

5. That Refreshing Rinna Outlook On Life

Look, the bottom line is, Rinna is one of the best Housewives of any franchise, because girl keeps it real. She has no shame in her game. She enjoys going out and promoting herself even if it's slightly embarrassing (she proudly appeared in a Depends commercial for charity!). She has fun at this Housewife game, and she seems like a blast to be around. In a world where she's surrounded by a whole lot of phony personalities, she keeps it refreshingly real.

Rinna makes no bones about being who she is, and I have complete faith that her new site will reflect this. From her lips to our screens, I can't wait to read more!

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