Michael Moore Explores Female Reproductive Rights

Filmmaker and activist Michael Moore is a man of many opinions. Audiences who have seen any of his films know this to be true. In 2002 the documentarian tackled America's problems with gun violence with Bowling For Columbine. 2004 gave us Fahrenheit 9/11, Moore's personal take on the September 11, 2001 tragedies and how it effected the Bush administration. Sicko came out in 2007, exploring America's profitable health care industry, and of course, he didn't stop there. Over the years Moore has explored many hot button issues, usually focusing on topics pertaining to the United States. With his latest film, Where To Invade Next , Moore goes to other countries to see what the United States might be able to learn from other ways of life.

In the film, director Michael Moore "invades" other countries, interviewing their leaders, law makers, workers, and others to get a sense of how the United States differs in several areas. In the exclusive clip below, Moore seeks to find out about progressive policies for women that are in place around the world. He visits Tunisia, where women's reproductive health and rights are an important part of the culture. Abortion has been in legal in the country since 1973.

Where To Invade Next opens in theaters Friday, February 12. Watch the exclusive clip below.