See The Fashion From The 'Friends' Reunion

Drop everything because the first promo for the Friends reunion is here, according to Cosmopolitan, and seeing the cast together again is going to give you all the feels. And when I say all the feels, I also mean totally coveting their outfits. But would you expect any less from the '90s most stylish TV cast? Don't even try to dispute it. They were.

We all basically freaked out when we heard about the Friends reunion earlier this month, and to be honest, it seemed a little too good to be true. But now a promo is here, so things are really real guys. Deep breaths. I wasn't entirely sure what to expect from this pseudo reunion, but I knew one thing for sure — the fashion was going to be on point. And from the looks of the promo, the ladies totally delivered.

Lisa Kudrow and Courtney Cox kept it simple but chic in black, with Cox wearing an elegant, one-shoulder dress, and Kudrow in pants and a long-sleeved shirt (and rocking some pretty fierce stilettos), but my favorite is definitely Jennifer Aniston. The actor wore a strapless, capri-length jumpsuit with a pink bodice, and it's going to make you miss literally everything about Rachel Green's style. Plus, how cute is her ponytail?

They all look so great, I cannot wait to see this live! If you can't contain your excitement any longer, either, here are a few pieces to shop from the Friends reunion, whoever your favorite character may be.

If You're A Monica...

Courtney Cox looking as fab as ever.

ASOS Curve; $39;

Show off a little more skin with a one-shoulder, flowy dress.

If You're A Rachel...

Sleek and chic is the name of Aniston's game.

Reiss Dixie; $232.50;

This pink strapless jumpsuit makes me so happy the groundhog predicted an early spring.

If You're A Phoebe...

Phoebe would've probably preferred some color, but Kudrow looks amazing nonetheless.

Giselle Heel; $80;

Kudrow's shoe game was so, so strong.

Want to see their outfits live? Check out the promo below.

I'm already so emotional

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Images: ASOS; Topshop