13 'Bachelor' Contestants Who Need To Come Back In Future Seasons

There may be a brand new leading man or lady with every new season of The Bachelor and its various spin-offs, but certain things stay the same. Chris Harrison is always there to host, the rose ceremonies are super important, and, of course, the former contestants' have always been involved in current seasons. Since Bachelor Nation is essentially one big, (mostly) happy family, it's not surprising when familiar faces begin showing up on new episodes, whether they're crashing the show like Nick Viall did or just showing up in a guest starring or advisor role. And even though we frequently see guest appearances from past seasons anyway, there are definitely plenty more Bachelor contestants I'm hoping to see in future seasons, too.

If you feel the same way, there's good news. Between spinoffs like Bachelor in Paradise and Bachelor Pad, there are plenty of opportunities for our favorite contestants to make a reappearance on the show. And since The Bachelor isn't exactly a franchise that strays from tradition, changes are good that the goodbyes that are said at the end of every rose ceremony are rarely ever goodbye for real, so there's a good chance we could see these women again soon.

Here is everyone who needs to come back to The Bachelor ASAP. Chris Harrison, ABC, I'll be waiting!

1. Ashley Salter

OK, so she's already getting married, but she came back to The Bachelorette to do Kaitlyn Bristowe's hair for a date, so I fully support the idea that she could show up again, attached or not. Preferably as a way to introduce her new baby to Bachelor Nation!

2. Ashley Iaconetti

Ashley may have gotten a bad reputation for her crying, but as someone who gets emotional really easily, it's what made me (and tons of others) relate to her so much. Add the fact that she's actually really funny, and she'd be a perfect candidate for any Bachelor show. Please?

3. Kelsey Poe

Who could ever forget Kelsey and her amazing story? Although it seems like now she's in a happy relationship, if that ever tanks, she definitely needs to compete on The Bachelor again. OK, so maybe she didn't have a lot of fans, but she was definitely entertaining to watch.

4. Tierra LiCausi

Oh, Tierra and her sparkle. She may have been the bane of literally every contestant's existence on Sean Lowe's season, but that doesn't mean those of us watching from a distance didn't get a huge kick out of her. I need this girl on Bachelor in Paradise, stat.

5. Courtney Robertson

For the ratings goldmine that Courtney was, it's shocking that she hasn't made a reappearance recently. Can we get her back, please?!

6. Jamie Otis

Jamie was totally underrated on The Bachelor, and now I've completely fallen in love with her on Married at First Sight. Now that she's found relationship success with Doug Hehner, she'd be the perfect advisor to other people looking for love on reality TV.

7. Whitney Bischoff

Whitney has always been such a sweetheart that I was heartbroken for her when she and Chris Soules called it quits, even though their breakup saved her from a life on that boring farm. But she didn't get enough credit while she was on The Bachelor, so if she ever finds herself single again, she needs to go straight to paradise.

8. Trista Sutter

The OG Bachelorette would be a perfect advisor to contestants in seasons to come, so it'd be awesome if ABC brought her back to do that for a season. She and Ryan have been making it work, and their family is beautiful.

9. Michelle Money

Michelle has always been equal parts drama and fabulous, so she'd be great to bring back. And if she didn't want to compete again — or if her relationship with Cody Sattler really works out — she should at least return to give everyone makeovers. She has a gift!

10. Becca Tilley

Becca's still hanging in there on Ben Higgins' season of The Bachelor, but if things don't go her way, I'd have her back every single season if I could. She's such a sweetie and she treats everyone around her really well — something that can be really refreshing in a house full of people who may not have the purest of intentions at heart.

11. Olivia Caridi

There are so many things I could say about Olivia, who sadly was eliminated from The Bachelor after giving us gifts like her big, open mouth meme. She's kind of evil, but she's so much fun to watch. I wouldn't hate seeing her in Paradise this summer!

12. Andi Dorfman

It's not fair that Andi's time on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette left her single. She deserves someone awesome! Let's bring her back and give her another chance to find love. The right guy has to be out there!

13. Jaclyn Swartz

In a show where most people care too much, Jaclyn truly just doesn't care about anything, and that makes her so interesting. She lives on her own terms and doesn't let the Bachelor rules take over her life. It doesn't win her many friends, but it makes good TV.

ABC, it's your move. I'd love to see these women again, whether it's on BIP or in another Bachelor Nation capacity. You can't keep bringing these people into our lives for us to fall in love with and then snatch them away one by one at rose ceremonies! It's not fair.

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Images: Rick Rowell/ABC, ABC