'The Bachelor' Understands Your V-Day Feelings

Sometimes a love note — or even a funny, well-written card — doesn't do your feelings about Valentine's Day justice. No, no. How can it? It's just a piece of silly (but probably adorable) folded paper! Honestly, there's only one thing can really get what we're all going through on Valentine's Day, and that's reality TV. It's a place so full of emotional highs and lows, it totally, 100 percent understands the feels that come along with the Hallmark holiday. And what reality TV show has more emotional highs and lows than the good old faithful series The Bachelor? None.

That's right, I said, and I'll say it again. The Bachelor totally understands your Valentine's Day feelings. Of course, you are not one of the lucky ladies featured on this season of the show (or maybe you are, and if so, whatup!), but that doesn't mean you can't empathize and partake in some mutual understanding about cupid's mysterious ways. The Bachelor and Valentine's Day go hand-in-hand, because those two? They understand one another. So grab your box of chocolates, your dozen roses, your alarmingly large stuffed bear, and put on an episode of The Bachelor. You shouldn't be surprised to learn that most of it will resonate with you during this romantic holiday.

1. When Everyone's Talking About Their Plans And You Don't Have Any Yet

And the sadness begins. But why! It's just a holiday. It's like any other day really.

2. When You're Trying To Avoid Feeling Anything About The Holiday But You're Bombarded With It Everywhere You Go

Even the pet store has Valentine's Day memorabilia. Can I live?

3. When You're Nonchalant About The Whole Thing

I mean, it's whatever.

4. When You're Excited About Getting Asked Out

Like, really excited. Perhaps inappropriately so.

5. And You Tell Your Friends

They're supportive.

6. When You Can't Find Something To Wear

The pressure is real.

7. When You're Trying To Purchase Sexy Lingerie

Is this how I do this?

8. When You Try To Express Your Excitement To Your Date

Too much? Take it down a notch.

9. When You Feel Pressure To Make Everything SO Romantic

Hey, girl.

10. When You Judge Everyone Else's Plans And Compare Them To Yours

Wait, your boyfriend of two weeks is taking you on a hot air balloon ride? We're just going to Denny's. Should I be concerned?

11. When The Day Is Finally Over

Back to reality, and another 364 days of non-Valentine's. Phew.

Just realized that The Bachelor is basically six full weeks of Valentine's Day. If there was ever a time to be thankful that I'm not a contestant, it would be now.

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC; bachelorabc (8), facesofrejectedbachelorettes (2), bachfanatic/Tumblr