Kacye Haynes & Lindita Are Eliminated From 'American Idol,' But The Show Didn't Handle It Right

The only thing worse than being told "no" on American Idol is being told "no" in front of another person who was just told "yes." Two contestants unfortunately had to experience what this felt like when the judges were making their picks for the Top 24. Kacye Haynes and Lindita were brought in with Jordan Sasser and La'Porsha Renae, respectively, to learn their fates. For Haynes and Lindita, the answer was no. But instead of being able to wallow in their own misery, they had to feign happiness for Sasser and Renae, who advanced to the Top 24, and put on a brave face in front of the judges, which is just the most cruel thing the Idol producers could ever make them do.

In all fairness, Sasser and Renae deserved to make the Top 24 over Haynes and Lindita, but it was the way that it was handled that really bothers me. Yes, it's all for drama and good television, but I can't help but hurt for these people. It's one thing to be rejected on camera when you don't know who's watching on the other side, but a whole other thing to be rejected in front of someone who took what you wanted from you. Sure, it's showbiz, but that doesn't make it any easier. Literally every other contestant got to hear the judges decision in private, so it's pretty unfair of the producers to take that privilege away from the Haynes and Lindita simply because they were of the last remaining.

All things considered, this was a little more humane than how the producers handled some eliminations last season. Two contestants were forced into an impromptu sing-off in which only one would make it through. It was nerve-wracking and panic-inducing — basically like The Hunger Games but with singing instead of killing. Though the show can't right this wrong next season, it's clear that this is one element that won't be missed.

Image: Michael Becker/FOX