Kylie Reveals The Final Color In Her New Lip Kit

by Marc Cuenco

Someone call up Rizzo and Frenchy because Koko, the new Lip Kit by Kylie color is absolutely perfect for Pink Ladies everywhere. Kylie Jenner unveiled the name of her latest shade of lippy and it's giving us romantic vibes. Yes, the third Kylie Lip Kit shade for Valentine's Day falls somewhere between cotton candy and the pink heart emoji. It's that sweet!

"I'm so excited to hold all 6 of my shades," Jenner wrote on Instagram. The reality TV star and style trendsetter also hinted that the full set of Lip Kit by Kylie package is coming soon — like, real soon. "The release is closer than you think," she teased in another IG post. I wouldn't be surprised if the six-color collection is available tomorrow morning, so just make sure to set your alarms extra early and find out how to buy your own set before Jenner's lip kits sell out again.

Koko definitely falls within the pink, girly side of the Lip Kit by Kylie spectrum. This shade joins the cherry red Mary Jo and the pale blush Posie K. That trio of pinks is joined by the classic Lip Kit by Kylie shades True Brown, Candy, and Dolce that are coming back, reportedly.

Here's a shot of it on her friend/Lip Kit model Jordyn Woods:

Judging by her photos from the last few days, Kylie Jenner is definitely on a pink lip kick.

Even with this throwback pic, the pink shade goes really well with her green hair.

The pop of pink balances her edgy, all-black outfit.

Welcome to the Lip Kit by Kylie world, Koko. I'm sure you'll do your mama proud.

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