20 Non-Cheesy Valentine's Day Decorations

by Rebecca Deczynski

Valentine’s Day conjures up images of chocolates, roses, and an unfortunate number of cheesy, overly decorative, Cupid-related decorations. But in order to give this day the celebration it deserves, you don’t have to fully swear off of festive decor, thanks to the right Valentine’s Day decorations. With the right picks and the right styling, it’s easy to avoid making your space look like an elementary school classroom.

If you want to decorate your home for a Galentine’s Day party or just add a touch of fun to your atmosphere, a couple of cool balloons, string lights, and prints can go a long way. Etsy and other affordable retailers are great places to find decor that you’ll want to pull out year after year — but you can always supplement your store-bought decorations with some DIY Valentine’s Day ideas and Valentine’s Day crafts as well. Get creative with your decor, and finish it off with a scattering of chocolates and rose petals for a fancy, traditional touch.

Valentine’s Day may not have been your cup of tea growing up, but you don’t need to have a special someone to enjoy the holiday. Use it as an excuse to party with your friends, eat some chocolate, and make your home look super cute, with the help of these 20 decorations.

1. XO Marquee

Light up a lovely display with a short and sweet marquee sign.

Marquee, $8,

2. Red Heart Lights

These red lights are cute, but they also help to create some super romantic mood lighting.

Red heart lights, $19.88,

3. Love Is All You Need Print

In a rush to make a quick gift? Download this print and get a frame!

Print, $5.40,

4. Let's Cuddle Pillow Cover

This pillow cover makes any love nest instantly cozier — so you might want to leave it around all year long.

Pillow cover, $20,

5. Victorian Felt Garland

If you're sick of hearts, this garland brings in pretty colors that don't feel overdone.

Garland, $21.50,

6. Gold Heart String Lights

Gold hearts bring in a major glam factor.

String lights, $12.99,

7. Red Heart Garland

A paper garland is simple, but so classic. Drape it over a buffet of the best Valentine's Day desserts.

Heart garland, $13.79,

8. Heart Dish Towels

Don't forget the kitchen! Pretty towels make whipping up a romantic meal all the more fun.

Heart towels, $12.95, available at Crate and Barrel

9. Voluspa Cut Glass Jar Candle

A goji berry-scented candle is unexpected, and its ruby color warms any room.

Candle, $26,

10. XOXO Balloons

Get some helium and with these balloons, you'll have instant wall art.

Balloons, $5,

11. Thimblepress Push Pop Floral Confetti

Don't even think about using glitter for confetti. This floral version is equal parts gorgeous and romantic — all the while being easy to clean up.

Floral confetti, $15,

12. Fuzzy Heart Pillow

A plushy heart is just the right mix of playful and pretty.

Heart pillow, $15.88,

13. Striped Straws

Valentine's Day is a great holiday to practice your cocktail-making skills — and the perfect opportunity to use some pretty straws, too.

Straws, $5.49,

14. Heart Plate

Just imaging how adorable a V-Day dessert will look on this plate and try to resist buying a set.

Heart plate, $5.95, available at Crate and Barrel

15. Valentine's Cupcake Kit

Even if you're past the days of bake sales, there's nothing quite like a well-dressed cupcake.

Cupcake kit, $14,

16. Red Heart Bowl

Finally, the perfect container for all those boxes of conversation hearts.

Bowl, $5,

17. XOXO Print

This hug and kiss print is so cheery, you just might want to make it a permanent gallery piece.

Print, $10,

18. Holiday Love Fringe Banner

Think beyond hearts and Cupids with a banner that's totally modern.

Fringe banner, $35,

19. You + Me Heart Frame

Skip the boring gold picture frame and opt for something a little more rosy.

Frame, $8,

20. Be Mine Balloons

Who needs a card when you can say everything you need to say with giant balloons?

Balloons, $5,

For more ideas, check out Bustle on YouTube.

Images: Etsy (6); Target (6); Pier 1 (2); Crate and Barrel (2); Anthropologie (2); Urban Outfitters (3)