Watch Josh Duhamel & Malin Akerman Scheme

The last time large audiences saw Josh Duhamel on the big screen he was wooing Julianne Hough in the Nicholas Sparks adaptation Safe Haven. Before that, he was battling glorified robots in the Transformer series. But now, Duhamel is leaving behind the action-packed flicks and romantic movies for Misconduct, a thriller. The film follows an enthusiastic lawyer (Duhamel) who teams up with an ex-girlfriend (Malin Akerman) who has incriminating files against her billionaire lover (Anthony Hopkins) and the drug he produced that caused the deaths of hundreds. The pair have to decide what to do with the information as Duhamel's character becomes tangled in a power struggle with Akerman's lover and another partner from his own firm.

The film co-stars Alice Eve as Duhamel's girlfriend, and Al Pacino as Duhamel's senior partner at the firm where he works. The film is directed by first time director Shintaro Shimosawa, who previously produced The Grudge films, and the TV series The Following. In the exclusive clip from the film, Duhamel and Akerman find some top secret information and begin scheming about what to do with the sensitive material.

Misconduct is theaters and On Demand now. Watch the exclusive clip below.

Images: Lionsgate