Bruno Mars Will Make The Halftime Show Extra Epic

With the show-stopping announcement that Bruno Mars will be performing at the 2016 Super Bowl halftime show, the football game of the year just turned it up to 11. In case you forgot what a powerhouse performance Mars brought to the 2014 Super Bowl, let this be a reminder that the "Uptown Funk" singer is going to blow the whole damn stadium away — especially when you consider that he's already joining a lineup made up of A-list performers like Coldplay and Beyoncé. Since the crazy talented performer already proved that he can do it up at the Super Bowl solo, I can only imagine the kind of musical beauty he'll bestow upon us when collaborating with Chris Martin and Queen Bey. What songs will Bruno Mars sing with Coldplay and Beyoncé?

Though I can't say for sure (but you better believe I'll be stuffing my face with nachos on Sunday just waiting to find out), it's pretty much a guarantee that "Uptown Funk" is going to factor in here somehow. Besides the fact that the track has been crazy successful in the U.S. (9x platinum don't lie!), the tune — a Bruno Mars signature — is addictive AF and is an absolute get-the-stadium-on-their-feet kinda crowd-pleaser. I could see Coldplay gettin' in on the action here (Chris Martin on the keys!) and Beyoncé duetting the vocals.

Since Coldplay and Beyoncé already have a song that they'll (most likely) perform together considering she's already featured on the track (that would be "Hymn for the Weekend," Coldplay's second single off of A Head Full of Dreams), Bruno Mars may not be a part of that one. "Adventure of a Lifetime," though, lends itself to the funkiness that Mars does so well, so it would pretty much do everyone justice if he hopped in on this track. As for some additional Coldplay hopefuls, I'm personally crossing my fingers for a little X&Y action, like the big buildup on "Fix You" and my personal favorite, the ever-so-haunting "Speed of Sound." Mars may not be the right fit for those numbers, but I sure as hell hope that the band plays them and adds in Mars just a little bit later.

As for a Mars/Beyoncé duet, is the Super Bowl even ready? Because I'm not sure I am. I can only hope for a complete Bruno Mars/Beyoncé mashup, featuring him doing some "Single Ladies" legwork while Lady Bey goes hard on some "Locked Out of Heaven" and "Billionaire"-type goodness. To bring together two of the strongest performers the Super Bowl has ever seen can pretty much only result in the best Super Bowl halftime show of all time, so these favorites better bring their A (Bey?) game.

Roll on, Super Bowl 50!