Davina Was Recruited By The Strix On 'The Originals,' But What Does Aya Really Want With Davina?

Davina finally returned to New Orleans after having been shunned by the witches, and she didn't waste any time getting involved in vampire drama on The Originals . The witch had barely said hi to her old friend Josh when Aya recruited Davina to join the Strix. Now that Tristan is gone, Aya has become the leader of the Strix and her number one priority now is to find the weapon that can kill an Original — the one she believes Lucien and Aurora are also on the hunt for. To help her in her quest, she wants Davina to join the Sisters, a coven that operates under the umbrella of the Strix. But, what does Aya really want with Davina?

Aya approached Davina with her proposition at the beginning of the episode. The Sisters, she said, are a collection of witches who have all been abandoned or shunned and found a home with the Strix. All the witches who enter the coven, Aya says, are granted the power to get their greatest desires. To that end, Aya shows Davina a spell that can bring someone back from the other side, like, say, Kol Mikaelson, Davina's ex boyfriend/witch/original vampire. Before Davina makes her decision, she tricks Josh into helping her travel to the other side to see Kol and show him the spell. If she's going to commit to signing her life away to the Strix, she needs to know the spell is legit.

The spell's authenticity was confirmed by Kol, but Kol also told Davina that she should not join the Strix's coven. He clearly doesn't trust them, and he does not want Davina under their thumb. Unfortunately, when Davina returned to the land of the living, she decided she'd take her chances with the Strix if it meant getting Kol back from the dead. But, while Davina might be happy with her decision, it's still unclear why the Strix want her in the first place. Aya specifically sought Davina out in a city full of witches, which makes me think there's something specific about Davina that Aya wants. Furthermore, Aya, the Strix and this new Sisters coven seem incredibly sketchy. Ariana, a member of the Sisters we met tonight, died saying that she was being "set free." Even though earlier she had told Davina that she thought joining the Strix was worth it, I'm not convinced.

Whatever Aya and the Strix want with Davina, it cannot be good, and I'd bet money that Marcel will be none too pleased once he finds out.

Images: Quantrell Colbert/The CW; Giphy