Leonardo DiCaprio's Russian Fans Vow To Make Him An Oscar & They Totally Have The Right Idea

The time has come for Leonardo DiCaprio to win an Oscar — and if the Academy doesn't agree, DiCaprio's Russian fans don't care. A group of the five-time Oscar nominee's intrepid Siberian fans have vowed to make DiCaprio an Oscar if he doesn't win for The Revenant. While the fan-made Oscar won't be the real deal, it will look close to the famous statuette. Metro reports DiCaprio fans in Siberia are donating their valuables to be melted down into a silver Oscar statuette, with a few modifications.

Their "Oscar for Leo" campaign involves crafting a silver Oscar holding a choron (a traditional Yukat goblet) instead of the traditional sword, and the figure will be looking up instead of down. Depending on the size of the statuette and number of contributions, DiCaprio's fan made Oscar could cost around 100,000 rubles, or $1,300 dollars. You have to admit this is an awesome idea — not only does it guarantee DiCaprio will be recognized for his work, it also involves recycling, something the environmentally conscious actor will no doubt be happy about.

These fans have the right idea — it is way past time for DiCaprio's work to be recognized. This is DiCaprio's year, no matter what, and here are 11 reasons why the "Oscar for Leo" fans deserve a round of applause.

1. The Poor Leo Meme Must Be Stopped

DiCaprio is way too cool for the meme of sadness to continue. His losses have become fodder for admittedly hilarious gifs, but wouldn't it be nice to see him holding an actual Oscar... or you know, one made by his adoring Russian fans?

2. The Academy May Never Get It

The Academy has snubbed some of the greatest actors of all time. Peter O'Toole nabbed eight nominations, but, despite being one of the industry's most outstanding actors, he had to settle for a honorary Oscar. DiCaprio should not become the next O'Toole just because the Academy members have a bad habit of not noticing awesomeness when it is happening in front of them.

3. The Man Ate Raw Bison Liver For The Revenant

Raw. Bison. Liver. Just let that sink in for a minute. Add in the crazy cold climate and what had to be a hellish filming experience, and the idea of DiCaprio walking away with no Oscar to show for his work becomes even more outlandish.

4. DiCaprio Appreciates Environmental Efforts

Real Oscars aren't made from the beloved valuables of fans. DiCaprio's fan Oscar would be both sentimental and an upcycled item. It's a win win for the star.

5. He Still Needs An Oscar For Titanic

Even if he wins for The Revenant, DiCaprio still needs an Oscar for Titanic. His character Jack Dawson made the whole world cry and yet his performance was completely ignored. So uncool.

6. He Has Been A Super Gracious Oscar Nominee

With every loss and snub, DiCaprio has been the best sport. He applauds the winner, he never says anything snide about his fellow nominees, and he always gives the best "I'm totally OK with not winning" faces. He deserves this.

7. He Deserves Oscar Love, Even If It Is Unofficial

The Oscars are basically like the points on Whose Line Is It Anyway? — they really don't matter when it comes to judging talent (not everyone can win an Oscar, after all), but it is always nice to see excellent work rewarded. Knowing his fans have his back, has to make DiCaprio realize how much his work has touched their lives.

8. Without Him, The Revenant Would Have Just Been Stunning Scenery

Would you have really sat through a lengthy, super depressing movie full of ice, long silences, and the occasional bear attack without DiCaprio? I didn't think so.

9. He Will Have A One Of A Kind Award

Even George Clooney doesn't have a Siberian Oscar.

10. He Will Have To Release A Statement & It Will Be Beautiful

Reading DiCaprio's thank you to his Siberian fans will be as priceless as the award they give him.

11. When DiCaprio Smiles, The Whole World Smiles

He deserves to be happy and if the Academy won't make it happen, then his fans will.

Hopefully, DiCaprio will be taking home a real Oscar this year, but even if he doesn't, he is still going to be a winner thanks to his awesome fans.

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