Upcoming Graphic Novel 'Cold Iron Wars' Is The Female-Centered Weird Fairy Tale You've Been Dreaming Of

Fairies, mermaids, adventures, and women killing it in graphic novels? Sign us all up. All four of these things (and loads more, too) are in Mairghread Scott and Robin Robinson's upcoming YA graphic novel Cold Iron Wars. And, thank goodness, Bustle joined hands with First Second to give you all a look at the stunning interior artwork.

Women in comics and graphic novels are having way more than a moment; they're having what we've all been begging for for generations: respect and legitimacy, both as creators and fans. (Not that there aren't still sexist problems in the industry, of course.) And Cold Iron Wars is coming to ensure that this stays the norm. The graphic novel centers on a young girl named Isabel who is the key to settling the war between two feuding factions of fairies. Set in early 20th century San Francisco, the fairy war sees both the fairy and human side of the dividing line, the Veil, fall into destruction via the battles, vicious mermaids, an evil prince, and other wicked entities.

According to co-creator Scott, having a young girl as the hero was completely intentional:

Cold Iron Wars was my chance to smash history and mythology together in an epic adventure centered around the bravest little girl I’ve ever written. With Robin Robinson’s lush artwork, Cold Iron Wars is the weirdest, wildest fairy tale The City by the Bay has ever seen.

But it's not just her courage that makes Isabel a stand-out, says Robinson:

It is such a pleasure to bring our hero's kindness and bravery to life, and to populate my favorite city with the weird and wonderful creatures of world folk lore is a dream come true.

Before Cold Iron Wars, Scott worked on Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors, and her own creator-owned series Toil and Trouble. Robinson is a YA, middle grade, and picture book artist and illustrator as well as the creator of the feminist fantasy webcomic Ushala at World's End.

I know you, like me, are probably already sold on Cold Iron Wars, but just wait until you get a peek inside. Here are a handful of visuals from the upcoming graphic novel.

Love! OK so there is one piece of not-so-awesome news in this parade of great news: The graphic novel isn't coming until 2018. But, it's seriously going to be worth the wait.

Images: Courtesy of First Second