'Bachelor' Contestant Olivia Uses Instagram To Show Her Totally Normal Post-Show Life

Over the long and illustrious history of The Bachelor, some truly unforgettable contestants have come into our lives, but none in the past, present, or future will ever be able to compete with Olivia Caridi. Between her frequently open mouth that has already inspired some amazing memes and the "secret language" she shares with Ben, Olivia has already given us plenty to talk about. But anyone who keeps up with the show knows that contestants aren't always what they seem, because the producers' editing can get a little tricky when it comes to drumming up ratings, and so far, Olivia has been a ratings goldmine. Who is Olivia, really? We may never find out on The Bachelor, but that's what social media is for.

In her real life, Olivia is a 23-year-old news anchor from Texas — and she may or may not actually be like her TV identity. As far as her Instagram shows, she's actually surprisingly normal, especially for someone who started calling herself Mrs. Higgins after meeting the guy, like, ten minutes earlier.

Here's everything I learned while stalking Olivia's Instagram. I may never understand why she does what she does, but after this, I kinda wanna be her friend.

1. She Looks Super Pretty Without Makeup

She's usually glammed up on The Bachelor, but seeing her fresh faced look is a totally different side to the lady we see at the weekly cocktail parties. She looks awesome!

2. She's The Definition Of A Tacky Tourist

But doesn't everyone have to take photos like this at least once while vacationing? It's practically mandatory.

3. She's A Country Girl

And clearly loves being outdoors.

4. No, Really

Her family literally took a Christmas photo covered in plaid and camo. It doesn't get more southern than this, and I say this as someone who grew up in Georgia.

5. She's An INFJ

In the caption of this photo, Olivia revealed that her results from the Myers-Briggs personality test is INFJ, meaning she loves to help others, has strong opinions, and that she'd be likely to have a desire to change the world. Not bad qualities to have!

6. Her Dog Is Seriously Adorable

His name is Pauley, and apparently, he plays cards.

7. She's Still Close With Her College Pals

In fact, most of Olivia's photos on Instagram feature her friends, so they must be pretty important to her.

8. She Was In A Sorority

Chi Omega, to be exact.

9. She Recently Took A Trip To Nashville

Wonder if she hung out with Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth while she was there? Eh, probs not, although that'd be number one on my to do list if I rolled through their town.

10. She Was Such A Cute Kid

And she has a sister!

11. She Loves Her Job

And it looks like she's good at it, too.

If you were looking for shots of her cankles or photos of her stealing other people's boyfriends, you'll probably be disappointed. Olivia's Instagram reveals a lot of things about her, but mostly just that she's just like the rest of us. Maybe we should give her a break? Or maybe we should just wait and see what she does next on The Bachelor and make our minds up then.

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC