Personalize Your Own Starbucks GIFs For V-Day

What do you get the coffee lover in your life who has everything for Valentine's Day? More coffee, obviously — but then, check out Starbucks' newly launched #StarbucksDate GIF giver Tumblr page. That's right, your favorite coffee chain is making Valentine's Day a little sweeter for everybody, and that's not just because it just launched three new molten chocolate beverages (although, that certainly helped, too). Instead of sending a standard Valentine's Day card, you can use Starbucks' new GIF-making page to create adorable, personalized GIFs for all your fellow Starbucks lovers, and share via text, e-mail, and social media. Cute, right?

So how does it work? Between Feb. 8 and Feb. 14, head on over to Starbucks' GIF-making page and choose from nine different templates that come in a variety of designs. Adorable sloths clinking Starbucks cups? Precious. The cutest kitten you've ever seen holding up a heart that says "You're purrrrrrfect"? My heart is melting. Pick your fave, and then simply fill in the name of the person on the receiving end of the GIF. All that's left to do after that is share your masterpiece with the world — and with the lucky receiver, of course. Voila! Valentine's Day has gotten way more painless since your elementary school days, when you were forced to find a card for every single person in your class.

Your finished product will look a little something like this:

Those kitten eyes, you guys. Not feeling the super cute cat? Check out some of these other templates (monster):

Give this to the person in your life who gives the best bear hugs.

I wasn't kidding about those sloths. They're cute, right?

No joke — I dance like that too after I've had my morning coffee.

Head on over to Starbucks' Tumblr page to check out the rest. There's seriously one for everybody, and they're so freaking cute. Also, starting Feb. 8, you can find an exclusive Snapchat filter when you walk into any Starbucks store, so there's no shortage of ways to share the love this Valentine's Day. You can also, you know, just pick up your loved one their favorite coffee beverage — I'm sure they'd love that a latte, too (sorry, had to).

Images: Starbucks