Who Voices The Bear In 'The Jungle Book' Super Bowl Trailer? He Steals The Show From Poor Mowgli — VIDEO

If you somehow managed to forget that there is a live-action Jungle Book movie coming our way, then the Super Bowl was more than happy to refresh your memory. The Jungle Book Super Bowl 50 trailer was amazing, showing off the fact that the upcoming film would be in 3D by having the animals from the trailer burst outside of the black lines that narrowed the trailer screen. However, the most amazing part of the trailer, at least for me, was the appearance of Baloo the bear. He basically steals the show from Mowgli and the other animals, so I don't blame anyone who might be out there wondering who is the Bear in The Jungle Book Super Bowl trailer? The voice is so familiar that you're likely to smack yourself on the forehead for not guessing it sooner.

Yes, that's right. Baloo will be voiced by the incredibly Bill Murray, who is only one of the many stars lending their voices to the film. (For those who haven't heard, the only actor who will actually appear most of the time on camera is Neel Sethi as Mowgli. According to director Jon Favreau, "All of this was shot in downtown Los Angeles. The only live-action character person is Neel Sethi, playing Mowgli. The humans are the only things that are real. The environments, the animals — all of that is generated by artists." As if this film couldn't get any more awesome.) Murray is joined by the likes of Idris Elba, Lupita Nyong'o, Emjay Anthony, and many, many more people that will make you jealous of Sethi for getting to work with them.

In the trailer, Baloo is only one of many animals to appear, as, even in the extended cut, we get our eyeful of everyone from Shere Khan to Bagheera. However, Murray absolutely shines even among all the magic of the trailer, to the point where he's already a standout as one of the best things going into the film. Check out the trailer below, and try not to be impressed.

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Image: DisneyMovieTrailers/YouTube