Is Left Shark At The 2016 Super Bowl? Twitter Won't Give Up Hope On Last Year's Halftime Show Legend

Although Katy Perry performed at last year's Super Bowl, someone stole the "Fireworks" singer's thunder. That someone would be a giant blue shark. Although two shark mascots joined in on her performance, Left Shark stole the show — earning memes, parody Twitter accounts, and a loyal following. The sea creature even inspired Halloween costumes. Ever since Super Bowl 50 started, tons of fans on Twitter are rooting for a Left Shark comeback. The biggest question of the night isn't "Will the Panthers beat the Broncos?" Instead, everybody is dying to know: Will Left Shark join Beyoncé at halftime?

Unfortunately, there haven't been any indications that this is the case. Coldplay, Bruno Mars, and Queen Bey are all set to perform at the halftime show, but no shoutouts to Left Shark just yet. Despite the unlikelihood of a shark-themed cameo, Twitter hasn't given up hope yet — and their determination is, in a way, inspiring. Actually, Left Shark himself is an inspiration. He really embodies that cliché quote about dancing like no one's watching.

As for Left Shark's whereabouts, some people on Twitter are even theorizing that the shark is at home, laughing at the whole thing — knowing that nothing will ever top his over-the-top performance.

Meanwhile, others are suspecting he may make everyone's day and join in the show. (I'm over here crossing my fingers too!)

Regardless of what happens, Left Shark is a Super Bowl legend and will never be forgotten:

There's always Super Bowl 2017, Left Shark.

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