Beyonce Almost Fell At The Super Bowl Halftime Show But Recovered Like A Badass — VIDEO

Another year, another Super Bowl halftime show made better by Beyoncé's presence. When she took the stage on Sunday to perform "Formation," Queen Bey almost fell. But of course, she caught herself like a champ. Let this be a lesson to everybody that there's no knocking down Beyoncé — literally or figuratively. The choreography throughout her performance was undeniably intense. She engaged in a dance battle with fellow performer Bruno Mars. (Chris Martin joined in for a little bit, but Twitter lovingly dubbed him the "Left Shark" of the performance, since he wasn't quite on their dance level.)

Regardless of the fact that she almost slipped, Bey proved that it's best to just keep moving. I've watched the clip a minimum of five times and I'm still in awe of how she manages to catch herself and not even flinch. Sure, she hops back a bit, but it doesn't really phase her.

I'd argue that her dancing choreography is as intense as everything the Panthers and Broncos are doing on the football field. It involves full body movements — all while singing along (or possibly lip-syncing) to the music. Either way, it's a lot going on at once and super impressive. Plus, even if she had totally fallen, maybe it would be a much-needed reminder that she's human like the rest of us. (Sometimes it's easy to forget!)

See the mind-blowing moment for yourself:

I'm not the only one who couldn't believe Bey's athleticism. Here's a round-up of people on Twitter also singing her praise.

Meanwhile, others came to her defense — hilariously blaming everything from gravity to the Earth's axis.

Out of all the tweets, this one may be the most relevant:

Because honestly, Beyoncé can do no wrong.

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