Here's More Proof That Braids Will Rule 2016

It's becoming more obvious that 2016 is the year of the braid. Make that braids, as in plural. Busy mom-of-two and global reality superstar Kim Kardashian has been rocking French braids since the birth of her son Saint West. It makes sense, since braids keep hair out of your face, are an alternative to the high pony or the topknot, and they can be as chic as they are functional and utilitarian. Kim's little sister Khloe also boarded the braid train recently, as well. But the Kardashians are not the only celebs making a braids a thing in 2016, as Beyonce dropped her "Formation" video and once again brought strands of beautiful braids to the forefront. Want more proof that braids will be another dominant 2016 hair trend?

You got it! Let's look at all of the fresh evidence, shall we?

Over the weekend, comedian and girl crush Amy Schumer posted a snap with her blonde locks fashioned in a single braid. Meanwhile, singer and Taylor Swift squad member Hailee Steinfeld took braids for a spin at the Super Bowl. The Pitch Perfect 2 star actually rocked a fashionable fishtail braid at the end of 2015, so she's been on the braid bandwagon longer than most celebs, so I have to give her props for that.

These shots ought to make you want to whip out a hair tie and rock braids, stat.

Beyonce's braids in the "Formation" video win. She rocked a bevy of skinny braids and they were you know, the usual, as in "flawless." Gorgeous!

Kardashian loves the twin French braids. She's been relying on this style ever since Saint arrived and she even twinned with daughter North, rocking the braided style.

Schumer's braid was so, so effortless and really cute on her.

Steinfeld also rocked the outer French braid with her cool Broncos jacket. That pose, though.

Ashley Tisdale, who is currently working on her Illuminate cosmetics collection, also slayed a pair of boxer braids. Love, love, love this look!

Khloe wore two skinny outer French braids that hugged her hairline.

Braids are ruling 2016. I cannot wait to see more braids of all shapes, lengths, and volume. With spring and summer on the way, I expect more and more braids inspo to come into focus.

Images: Kim Kardashian/Instagram (1); Amy Schumer/Instagram (1); Hailee Steinfeld/Instagram; (1); Khloe Kardashian/Instagram (1); Beyonce/Instagram (1); Ashley Tisdale/Instagram (1)