These Will Be The Biggest Hair Trends Of 2016

Hair trends have become more specialized in the past year, so much so that cuts, colors, and styles have evolved into hair art. There were plenty of hair trends that defined 2015. I am so ready to start thinking about what 2016 has in store for us when it comes to strands.

But first, let's review the year in hair.

In 2015, the shaggy, textured, lob dominated. Pink hair asserted itself on the heads of both celebs and civilians. "Bronde," as well as strawberry "bronde," had another moment in the spotlight — and a gorgeous one at that. Ombre granny gray made its presence known, as did sunset hair. Also, ornate and artistic braids were a big hit.

So what about the great, wide unknown that is 2016? What hair trend will dominate 2016?

Rather than make a bunch of educated guesses, I polled several hair industry experts, from celeb stylists to brand founders to salon owners, to get their predictions for the hair landscape in 2016.

Here's what they forecasted for follicles. Judging from these 10 predictions for top hair trends in 2016, hair watching will remain quite a fun sport next year. While hair colors may revert to more natural, found-in-nature hues, textures, shapes, and decoration are likely going to be huge.

1. The Bob

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Wendi & Kim, founders of curly brand Mixed Chicks hair products, nodded to this classic shape that endures peaks and valleys when it comes to popularity. "The bob will be the biggest trend," they tell me, pointing out that the cut's malleability is the reason it never really goes out of style. "With this classic cut, you can enjoy the versatility of your texture by wearing it tightly coiled, wavy, or bone straight."

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2. Natural Hair Hues

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Lesley Calderon of Mastey, a line of natural, color-protecting products, thinks we'll be blowing air kisses to all the colors Kylie Jenner rocked in 2015. "Say goodbye to colors like hot pink and kelly green for 2016," she says. "Bright or artificial-looking hair colors will be a blast from the past next year. Natural-looking hair color will be the new, big thing instead, as trends will be all about natural and healthy-looking hair."

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3. Statement Parts

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Statement parts will be a big deal, too. "Consider a look with a perfectly centered middle part or extreme side part. These hair parts can be worn on just about any length hair and will add a youthfulness to your style," Calderon tells me.

4. Next Day, "Braid Made" Waves

Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I always fake waves by washing my hair, braiding it while wet, sleeping in it, and shaking it out in the morning. That type of texture is going to be big in 2016, according to celebrity and session stylist Eloise Cheung. "In 2016, we'll be taking out our braids," she said. "Who isn't in love with the beautiful textures that we get when we've slept in our braids, then unravel them in the morning, especially those with finer hair? Of course, if you don't have the patience to wait until morning, you can always set the braid texture in faster with a light spritz of hair spray and a quick once over with the T3 SinglePass 2 Styling Iron."

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5. Curls

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Kattie Solano of Butterfly Studio Salon predicts a 2016 with loads of curls. "Enhancing and embracing natural hair texture with curls and waves," Solano predicts. "This might mean using different products, such as learning to use diffusers or using different sets to air dry. This also includes using different size rods and learning new ways to curl the hair so it looks effortless."

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6. Hair Accessories

Hair accessories, like sprinkles of ironed-in gold stars, were big during 2015 prom season and beyond. Thanks to products like Charmsies, hair jewelry will continue to dominate. Solano says, "Hair accessories are big. Colorful, gold even bold ones... in different unexpected areas." Part Art lets you dress up your part with bling. There are also hair tattoos, like the one Kylie Jenner tried earlier this fall.

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7. No In-Between Looks

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Scunci Celebrity Hair Stylist Laura Polko, who has worked with Beyonce, Ashley Benson, Lindsey Vonn, and Vanessa Hudgens, expects statement styles to reign supreme. "As far as cuts go, I think people are going to really stick with long hair styles or a nice clean bob," Polko predicts. "I don’t think people are doing much of the in-between anymore. They will be playing with bangs."

Polko thinks ombre is on its way out the door, too! "I am also seeing that the ombre trend will be completely gone and people will be sticking more toward balayage, so they can still keep that long lasting, natural, and effortless look without foils," she said.

8. Victoria's Secret Waves

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Texture will also be big in 2016, according to Polko. "In general, people have really been liking the consistent texture and beach wave style, just like the 'Victoria Secret Wave' that everyone loves," she says. "They are really embracing their faces and face structures with the contour trend and major focus on eye makeup. There will be a lot more sleek ponys and hair-off-the-face in 2016."

9. Long Hair, Don't Care

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Lisa Richards, founder of RPZL, the world’s first hair extension and blowout bar, which also offers online extension purchases, is convinced major length will be the trend of 2016. That's great news for her, eh?

“Whether embellished, slicked back, pulled high and tight or worn down in loose waves, the hairstyles on all the celebrities, runways and red carpets all had one thing in common: serious length," she said. "Selena Gomez, Chrissy Teigen, Tina Fey, Emma Stone, Madonna, Lauren Conrad, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, and First Lady Michelle Obama have all been spotted rocking and now talking about extensions. Start growing out your bobs and lobs because long hair is back and it's cooler than ever."

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Plus, Richards adds, "hair extensions have advanced significantly, increased in both methods and options" so they're more natural looking.

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10. The "Wob"

Mike Coppola/NBC/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Kevin Lee, Style Director at Julien Farel Restore Salon & Spa, has high hopes for the wavy bob, aka the "wob." He says, "Although 2016 will be all about individuality when it comes to hair, the dominant hair trend you will see in 2016 is the 'wob' or wavy bob."

Lee also predicts lots of length. He continues, "2015 was the year of short hair. Now, women will let their hair grow out to graze their shoulders and collar bones for a longer and sophisticated style. They will tend to gravitate towards a textured, lived-in look because it is easily achieved and is a great look for day and night."

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