If People Were Honest On Valentine's Day

Have you ever been out on a Valentine's date at a crowded restaurant and looked around the room and wondered what everyone was actually thinking? Have you ever asked yourself what would happen if people were honest on Valentine's Day? How many people around you in that dim-lit room are playing a charade because they feel the pressure to do so? How many people would rather be somewhere else? How many people would rather be with someone else? How many people aren't getting enough from their partner? How many people are mad about an argument from the night before, or are annoyed that their partner was late, or are uncomfortable in their new lingerie, or are hoping for a proposal at the end of the night?

If everyone could be honest with how they were feeling in that unnatural position, a day where couples feel forced to celebrate their love just because the calendar says so, I imagine the room would be buzzing with a plethora of feelings. Which is exactly why BuzzFeed pulled together their A Team to create this video depicting what it would be like if couples could say how they were feeling and thinking throughout the bizarre yet overly familiar holiday. As with all BuzzFeed videos, it's very funny but not without a hint of heart. Enjoy my favorite moments below:

Those Dollar Signs Tho...

No matter how hard you try to pre-calculate how much your dinner will be, you're always off. There's nothing more awkward that being hyper aware of the dollar signs when ordering. And it's impossible to not feel anxious about whether or not your date can comfortably cover the bill.

The Things We Do For You!

Sometimes beauty can be pain, and it's hard not resent your partner if they don't notice, appreciate and validate your efforts. Buttfloss is real, and it's really painful.

Turn The Table

Your servers don't care about your love. Their only hope for the night is that they make enough money in tips to justify spending their Valentine's Day catering to other people's relationships. So in order for your server to make the most money, they'll have to turn the table as many times as possible. You better believe they want you to GTFO as soon as you're done ordering.

PDA Like Woah

In a crowded room on the most romantic day of the year, there's a lot of public displays of affection. Couples might not even realize it but tend to upstage each other. Everyone wants to be the best lover and the best couple! There's like a silent superlative happening all day.

When The Holiday Becomes A Guilt Trip

Nothing like being wined and dined and showered with affection to really make you feel bad about the fact that you haven't been honest. This is exactly why I'm not a fan of putting of a charade to meet the holiday's standard. That couple should be at home having an honest conversation about their relationship, not faking it over some over priced champagne to fit in.

Watch the full video here:

Images: YouTube