How To Rock Braids Like Queen Bey

First, we saw it on the Kardashian sisters, Kim and Khloe. Then, we spotted it on the gorgeous, maybe-Justin-Bieber's-girlfriend Hailey Baldwin. But none of them have done the hairdo as well or wore it as proudly as Beyonce herself, who rocked beautiful long Dutch braids in her latest video like a boss. Here's how to copy Beyonce's braids from "Formation," whether you're looking to make a powerful statement like she did or because you want to try out the coolest hairstyle of the year so far.

In case you missed it, Beyonce's latest video was beyond groundbreaking, and not in the everything-Beyonce-does-breaks-the-Internet kind of way. Her latest video for "Formation," was, as fellow Bustler Evette Dionne describes it, "a call to arms for black women." Beyonce made it more than apparent that she was proud to be the strong, powerful, and intelligent black woman she is, and she demonstrated it not only through her tenacious dance moves, but through her hair in the video, too.

If you thought braids were for little girls, think again. Super tight, long French and Dutch braids are cropping up on what seems like every celeb's Instagram feed, and finally under that wide-brimmed black hat in Beyonce's "Formation" video. If Beyonce deems it cool, it is so, my friends. There's more meaning to Bey's hair than just looking cute, however. The Queen celebrated a variety of natural black hairstyles in her "Formation" video, from afros to gorgeous pin curls, and of course, thick, long box braids that were weaved into two Dutch-esque braids, which is the hairdo I'm focusing on today.

Celebrities are loving all kinds of braided looks right now, and, personally, I'm obsessed. Dutch braids are perfect for spring and summer, they're functional and cool at the gym and out at brunch, and literally anywhere in between. It's definitely a pivot from the loose, messy side braids of the past couple of years, and it's a fresh take on effortless hair that we all can learn to do and love.

This is a great look if you have long, thick hair that constantly get in your way. This look also brings back the middle part, which is so easy and effortless for every (lazy) girl out there.

Here's Queen Bey rocking them in her latest video.

And then Miss Baldwin...

All hail Khloe K!

So, so good.

Here are my favorite tutorials if you want to recreate this sizzling hot hairdo:

1. Braids By Ellko

Yep, you can do this look without help of a friend! This tutorial walks you through it.

2. Double Dutch Braids By Georgia Marie

It takes practice, so don't get frustrated if it looks rough on the first round!

3. French Braids By Carli Bybel

Dutch braids go under the middle section of the braid, while French braids go over the middle section of hair. Who knew, right?!

4. Braids By R & R Beauty

This is a great tutorial if you have thinner hair.

5. Braids With Clip-Ons By Eliana Rush

Want long, dramatic Bey-inspired braids, but don't have the hair? Look no further. Here's how to incorporate clip-ons into the braid.

6. Dutch Braid Pigtails By More Than Mrs.

Use dry shampoo right around your hairline to increase volume and hide any skips of shampoo.

7. Braids For Natural Hair By Jasmine Brown

If you have some frizz going on, try smoothing a serum over your strands before braiding to create a shiny, polished look.

8. For Short Hair By ShinyLipsTv

This is a sweet, playful look for short hair.

9. Inverted French Braid By SincerelyGracie

Get those big, thick Bey-inspired braids with this tutorial.

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Image: YouTube