12 LGBT-Friendly Valentine's Day Gifts

Shopping for loved ones can be a super fun experience, especially if you're in a relationship over Valentine's Day. Of course, not everyone loves to actually go shopping (malls are stressful, stores are crowded, and sometimes going outside is just too much effort), but picking out presents for someone you care about can still be a fun activity. If you're in an LGBTQ relationship, Valentine's Day can be extra tricky, as presents are often marketed for heterosexual couples. Luckily, the Internet has plenty of options for Valentine's Day gifts that are LGBTQ friendly. Especially in the dawn of same-sex marriage becoming legal across the country, I've noticed loads more companies and small businesses are including LGBTQ oriented products in their inventories, which is awesome.

In case you didn't get the memo, Valentine's Day is this weekend! That's right: Feb. 14 falls on a Sunday this year, which is awesome for couples who want a whole weekend to themselves. For some couples, making breakfast in bed for Valentine's Day is the perfect low-key way to celebrate, while other couples prefer not to acknowledge the holiday at all. For those couples who do like to celebrate the holiday, it can be difficult to find items that aren't too heteronormative or exclusionary if you're in a same-sex relationship. The follow gifts are some queer-friendly ideas that are sure to put a smile on your loved one's face.

1. For the Disney Princess in Your Life

If your girl loves Disney, there are few things sweeter than falling to sleep with a reminder from Mickey that you two lovebirds are happily ever after.

CreativePillowLV, $24, Etsy

2. For the Shakespeare Junkie in Your Heart

Personalized Shakespeare plays! You can get any names you'd like in there, including that of a same-sex couple.

$25, UStreetNovel

3. For Your Partner Who Lives in Their Chucks

These are a little pricey compared to the price of standard Chucks; however, they are so awesome I can't hate on the price tag. Plus, imagine how cute your partner will look when they wear these to Pride this summer.

IntellexualDesign, $130, Etsy

4. For The Hipster Who Wants A Little More Visibility

Ah, yes, a little twist on the classic beanie. While many women love beanies, men can totally rock this, as well.

Cuteling, $35, Etsy

5. For The OITNB-Obsessed Couple Who Also Loves Coffee

These double-sided mugs come as a set, so you can stage the cutest pictures of your breakfasts for Instagram.

Frankly Noted, $26, Etsy

6. For The Bear In Your Life

For the big, burly bear in your life, this keychain is a cute and subtle way to show some Pride.

riskybeads, $15, Etsy

7. A Matching Mug Set For Your Gender Non-Conforming Couple Friends

This cute mug-set is the perfect present for people who don't identify with the gender binary, or identify as genderqueer.

TwoHomo, $11, Etsy

8. For Your Femme, Punk Partner

This cute patch is a bit of a throwback, while still being fierce.

breatheresist, $2, Etsy

9. For All Those Awkward, Early-Stages-of-Dating Valentine's Days You're Going On

This is a cheeky way of bridging that awkward, "How do we tell people we met on Grindr?" conversation many couples feel after the first couple of dates.

ParadisePapercraft, $4, Etsy

10. Mr. & Mr. Pillowcases For You and Your New Husband

These pillowcases are cute as well as classy, and the option to customize them with your own wedding date is a nice touch.

eugenie2, $25, Etsy

10. For The Partner You Recently Moved In With & Want To Decorate Your Apartment With Pride

These hand-painted wooden signs are super cute to spruce up an apartment or house, especially if you've recently moved into together and looking for ways to queer-ify your home without posting a million pictures of yourselves (though you can do that, too, of course!).

DragonfliesNDahlias, $25, Etsy

11. For The Cat-Loving-Feminist You're In Love With

This shirt is marketed toward women; however, I think it would be super cute on anyone who wants to rock it. Fight street harassment and celebrate cats, all in one go.

bunnydee, $27, Etsy

12. Keep Your Cutie Cozy With This Pride-Filled, Ugly Sweater-Inspired Hoodie

I think this hoodie is the perfect mix between ugly sweater and adorable. Depending on where you are, it's still pretty darn cold over Valentine's Day, and this hoodie looks super warm. Otherwise, it's perfect to keep for next season, when ugly sweaters will be all the rage again.

HomoKind, $40, Etsy

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Images: Brands