Words Of Fashion Wisdom To Give You A Whole New Lease On Style

No matter how much I know it isn't true, I still have the occasional morning when I open up my closet and despair that I have *nothing* to wear. (Don't we all?) Maybe it's been a few weeks since I've bought anything new, maybe the weather has been depressingly freezing for a month straight and I'm SO sick of layering sweaters, or maybe I'm just in a little rut. Style ruts are real, but fortunately there are a few foolproof ways to pick yourself up out of that nonsense and get inspired again. A quick scroll through your favorite bloggers' latest OOTDs, throwing on an episode of an extra-stylish show, flipping through a great art book, or even reading over some words of wisdom from fashion gods can do wonders.

In partnership with Nordstrom, we've compiled a list of eight undeniably wise fashion quotes that will give you a new lease on getting dressed in the morning. These are the people we trust when it comes to clothes and love for their unwavering individuality. Style isn't about mimicking runway models or stocking up on all the latest trends, but cultivating a look that communicates your personality to the world — and makes you happy. So whether you're in a rut or simply looking for some quick inspo, keep these words in mind.

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Images: Mary Rabun/ Bustle