This Is Where You Buy Jewelry Like Miley Cyrus's

by Gina Jones 2

Unless you've been living under a rock since Hannah Montana's star shed her Disney Channel image, you're well aware that Miley Cyrus has been stirring up the pop world with some outlandish looks. And as with any ensemble, what holds it all together is usually the accessories. So where does Miley Cyrus get her jewelry? Copping this controversial star's aesthetic may seem harder than it is. Just because it's wild doesn't necessarily mean it's ridiculously expensive... or at least that it can't be recreated for less.

If you're neither crafty or rich (aka if you're anything like me) don't stress. Your dream of knowing where to buy Cyrus' jewelry isn't all that difficult to achieve. By investing money into some signature pieces that you can wear and re-wear, your own personal style might just get as fun and outlandish as Cyrus' own. Once you know where she shops, it's plenty simple to curate your own unique quirky jewelry collection.

This signature monogram necklace has appeared on Cyrus again and again (see if you can spot it on her Instagram). As discovered by Teen Vogue , this particular necklace comes from the "Build Your Necklace" page at Jennifer Fisher Jewelry, so if your name doesn't begin with an "M," you can just purchase your own personalized initial necklace instead.

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

However, the chains don't come in at anything under $1,000, often costing way more. If you're not a popular celebrity, it may be worth copying the style with a much cheaper monogram necklace

Gold Monogrammed Necklace, $27, Etsy

As for something crazier — and more of a current Cyrus look — this acrylic, glittery alien necklace is available for only $40 at Marina Fini's Etsy store! Marina Fini is an independent designer based in LA who not only creates trippy jewelry, but uses her designs as a basis for alternative reality photo shoots and performance art. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Cyrus has been seen sporting some of Fini's designs.

Glittery Alien Necklace, $40, Etsy

Fini's collaboration with Instagram's favorite grandma Baddie Winkle emphasizes her amazing artistic talent and design skills, and is the perfect example for why an out-there star like Cyrus would invest in her work.

Question Mark And Exclamation Point Earrings, $30, Etsy

These interesting and outlandish pieces are ridiculously cool and even if Miley Cyrus hadn't been seen sporting the goods, they'd be well worth the investment regardless.

Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

So check out her store and pick out your own signature pieces, or go the way of Cyrus on Instagram and DIY all your stuff from random beads and feathers. As long as you stay true to the Cyrus spirit of dancing to the beat of your own drum, it's all good.

Images: Courtesy Marina Fini/Etsy